180! Darts thread

Anyone play,just got a board set up again looking for good practice tips other than just throw em!
PDC worlds are starting up soon.

The usual suspects in for thwe win?


I got a 180 once in my life, as well as a 140 close, so I never have to play again.


We have a dartboard in the basement, pool table, large tv, bar area, plenty of beer, wine, whisky, drinks… perfect place to hang out, watch the match or a film. Anyway, was playing a game with the lad that needed bullseyes or 25s and I got three bullseyes in a row. Barely felt like three darts would fit into the bullseye but it is possible! Had 180 a few times too.


Be good to have some fans in, just can’t see this without fans to be honest.

Will be different but hope everyone behaves and keeps it good natured.

And we’re off.Not a great first leg there!
Second match Brazilian lad just won his first at the worlds now having a bit of a cry.Jesus some emotional interview from him as well.Fair play.
Peter Wright coming up.

American lad up now,first appearence at the worlds v Ryan Searle.Name is Dan Lauby jr,out of Indiana.Didn’t get a look in first set.Damn 148 check out Dan takes the second set,flying thru this match.Two sets each,great game.Searle won it.

4 and 5 seeds gone,next round starts sunday,

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Peter Wright in a spot of bother here.Dug in well 2 sets each.Upset the champ is out.Clemens first German to reach the last 16.
Damn Van Gerwen kicking some darts ass.

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my word what a game that was mvg vs cullen,insane standard.

cullen must be gutted, especially how faded in the last leg.

Yeah was great darts,kinda rooting for the underdog,that last leg was horrible for Cullen.James wade out after a 9 darter as well yesterday.Oh well,my outsider pick has gone Van den Bergh lost to Chizzy.

Used to have a darts board up in the garrage as a kid, but was never that good at darts. Prefered snooker and pool personally.

But for training tips, play things Round The World. Start at 20, then work clockwise around the board till you hit each number. When you start getting good at that, add some difficulty by only targeting Singles, then target Doubles and finish of with Triples.

Or have a read of you could also watch

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Steven Bunting thru to the semi-finals def outsider shot but he’s a red so.Gary Anderson won the other quarter final easy.Next up.
Evening Session (1800 GMT)
2x Quarter-Finals
Gerwyn Price v Daryl Gurney
Michael van Gerwen v Dave Chisnall

Chibnall last night was exceptional didn’t let MVG have a sniff once he went behind

Ya do wonder if he can do it again today against Anderson.I’d like to see a Bunting v Chizzy final but think it’ll be Price v Anderson.

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Great second set comeback for Bunting,was in real trouble.1-1.
Up the reds 3-1 Bunting.playing great.

Crazy game this, Price looked like he had won it but Bunting nails 148 I think and comes out ahead at 4-3

Deserves a final set this one

You’re right.

Yep,it was defo the better of the games.Anderson v Price in the final,think Price gets it.

500,000 for the winner.