Africa Cup of Nations 2021*

Still over five months to go.

Group A: Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Cape Verde
Group B: Senegal, Zimbabwe, Guinea, Malawi
Group C: Morocco, Ghana, Comoros, Gabon
Group D: Nigeria, Egypt, Sudan, Guinea-Bissau
Group E: Algeria, Sierra Leone, Equatorial Guinea, Ivory Coast
Group F: Tunisia, Mali, Mauritania, Gambia

Another competition further screwed by meaningless expansion. :man_facepalming:

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I was really excited about it until the expansion.

So does this mean that nearly half the teams who fail still qualify.

Is there a point in groups? I think the Copa America can’t be topped for that to be fair 2 groups of 5 the top 4 qualify, topped off by the fact there was still nothing to play for in the final game.

Worse…16 out of 24 goes into the next round.

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I don’t really mind the expansion of the tournament. A total of 54 countries can attempt to qualify for the competition (obviously the host nation qualifies by proxy so 53). Only 24 do make it to the finals - less than half. It means that more nations have a shot, and are therefore more likely to put more effort into national football. Also means more money for the various football associations of the nations - overall it seeks to strengthen African football.

I don’t like the 24 to 16 however - they should just go straight to the last 8, or even go one step further and just do straight knockouts from start. The extra round just longs it out, which is not what we want part way through the season with three of our lads away for upto a month.

Senegal and Guinea in the same group - Mane v Naby coming up. Increases the chances of one of our lads coming home early. Would expect all three of Egypt, Senegal and Guinea make the knockouts.

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I don’t mind groups in these kind of tournaments it’s just when effectively 8 out of 24 are knocked out.

Doesn’t improve the spectacle to be honest, though the Euros survived being awful because of it.

I think it helps when that second tier is rather evenly spread.

I’d rather they just invite another 8 and knock out two from each group. Rarely the third team does anything anyhow.