And today's weather is

Not ready for it this year! More than was forecast yesterday.good few inches on the grass and enough to shovel the sidewalk.

Ahhh, the first snow!.. that’s always a joy! :ok_hand:t2:

Snow! In October!! Where do you live!!!

Here in Bangladesh, it was 32C (feels like 35C, they obligingly mention that too :stuck_out_tongue: ). But it should start to be cooler from now on.

Boston Mass.

-10 C tonight…

Nothing but rain the last 2 weeks here,
and its going to continue into next week too,

bloody Scottish weather…

Beautiful Autumn day here, bright blue sky, most leaves down now, cool/fresh outside, but not too cold yet.

Do you live in the Netherlands? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Same here, just above freezing for final session of rugby for the kids

Nope, but i wish i did,

As its gotta be better than living under storm Aiden!

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Was a cracking Sunday down south in Croatia!


Potential wind damage,torrential rain on tap for this afternoon even a tornado threat for parts of take an an old fashioned snowstorm anyday.

It’s a bit warm for December.

Last few days were actually cooler.

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It’s somewhat cold (-2C) here with windchill (-9C) and pile of snow for today and tomorrow. (We had a full day of rain yesterday.)

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Boston is in full tv news panic storm mode today,nor easter,wind rain heavy snow blah blah most if it out in the badlands of Worcester,approx 50 miles from the hub up to new hampshire but that doesn’t stop em.hmmm our estimated snow totals have increased saying 3-6 now was 1-3 yesterday.

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Now it looks like we’re gonna get one for real, up to 12 inches of snow overnight and into tomorrow.

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My run last night was a little nippy


You people go outside in sub-zero temperature :open_mouth: :flushed:

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Pro-tip: Put lip balm on. Your lips begin to crack and get painful very quickly. I found that out the hard way.

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You can get tape to go on those

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