Aussie reds - fuck yeah straya mate

granny look tasty…

doggies over the demons by 2 pts…7 to go in the first half


Straya - The Bin Chicken - Bing video

the Bont just threaded the needle.

doggies by eight, minute or so to go in the second quarter

come on @SBYM where the fuck are ya? its the granny mate…

condolences on Johnny Elliot…


Sorry dude. Can’t take my eyes off the match. Unbelievable.

And no worries about Jack, he was a prick.


Dees kicking away now…

was hoping last quarter was gonna be tense…

come on Doggies…dig it out…history against them now too…

Bin chicken: more than just trash talk | Particle (

exhabition game now…

petraca nailed on for the norm smith now

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That was an amazing game of footy.

So tight and then they just blew them away.


The best word said in an Aussie accent.


So, what do we write/find in this thread and what do we write/find in that one


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18 Stuffed if I know - Bing video

So yesterday I went Rugby League semi into the AFL GF into bottle of red into City/Chelsea into Ryder Cup and then of course missed the game v Brentford.

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This is the one for when you’re drunk

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Aren’t Australians always drunk? :thinking:

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A scandalous and mostly true stereotype!

wife currently making her live radio host debut on small radio station ‘radio carrum’

‘definitive breaks.’

bit of ayssie, bit of dance, bit of reggae…girls nailing it


Do Aussies really love drinking till they drop or it’s simply because it’s cheaper than water?

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little bit from column A, little bit from column B


Reckon you’re right there.

Used to live off Anzac Parade in Randwick. Balcony backed onto the training grounds for the stables at the racecourse. Fuck me if those dressed up girls dont manage to stumble their way to the bus in heels quite elegantly with their fancy hats on. Gotta love a box of goon on a Sat afternoon