CONCACAF Gold Cup 2021

So this kicks off tomorrow with some prelim games before a group stage starting July 10th.
Homefield advantage to USA and Mexico.Qatar are playing in this as well.Hope to see some of the smaller teams make a showing,Suriname ?

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Why is this weird obsession of inflating every tournament to a hilarious size? The region don’t even have eight decent teams and they have expanded it to a 16-team tournament? Forget about the likes of Guadeloupe or Montserrat, who may or may not yet make it to the tournament proper, the prospect of watching Curaçao and Martinique will surely keep you glued to your seat.


Fills a gap for night owls.

More like a sleeping draught. Imagine trying to watch Guadeloupe vs. Curaçao at five in the morning. :rofl:

They seem to be a bit of a goal fest, quality is shit most probably but it’s probably more entertaining than say WBA.

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Mention of Montserrat reminds me of one of my favourite films ever. If you haven’t seen it you’re in for a treat…

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This is so sad and outrageous. We keep getting told not to mix politics and sport, but the USA govt just did. They should have made it clear from the beginning that it was not going to issue visa, rather keep the whole Cuban team waiting, up until the last minute. Disgusting behaviour by the US.

Cuba have a right to play in all International competitions in any country. Concaf should have also maybe chose a different venue.


They could move all there games over to Canada perhaps?

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Just goes to prove that FIFA and its confederations are corrupt, inept, spineless, ass-licking, homophobic cunts. :rage: and oh, Biden is a moron :nauseated_face:

Seems to also be mentioning Covid regulations in the article I read.

That’s some kinda projection there,no? Admin error/covid mess up more than likely.Cuba played in The States pre covid.

You mean that was an unnecessary/unwarranted hyperbole? :zipper_mouth_face:

This thread i guess Mexico v Trinidad is in delay? Here come the teams.Ha The CPAC lot in Dallas will be fuming at this going on in Arlington!!

Somehow it finished 0-0.Mexico all the ball and shot after shot really need to figure out how to score goals.Did have a clear penalty turned down,no var i guess,brutal head injury.USA favorites to win this.Curacao had to drop out of the tournament cos of covid so Guatemala take their place.

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First shock of the tournament.

Oh! Canada, awful defence.1-0 Martinique.
1-1.poor defending at a corner,could be a goalfest this one.

Thank you for the goal to put it level.

Loving it. 2-1.

Oooo, 3-1 now.

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half time,i missed the third goal getting some dinner.

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This ref loves to hand out cards like Smarties. Horrible.