Draft Pick Boehly‘s Stamford Bridge Globetrotters (The Chelsea Thread)

I suppose the people who write these clickbaity tweets do think so, and as evidenced by how often they get read, believed, and spread, they’re right.

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Classic Pearce.

Making an informed observation? What a twunt.

The guys a twaddle, absolute phony. Most basic reporter I’ve ever come across, this dude gets paid well to spout things we saw happening 12 months ago. Still thinks he’s the #1 mouthpiece for the club it actually makes me laugh.

Classic Pearce

You’re just jealous you don’t get paid for all twaddle you spout on here hehehehe.

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If he was paid a pound a word, he’d be earning a fortune!

If you paid him a pound a word I’d seriously question your financial thinking.

Have you ever considered the role of Chancellor?


Maybe you meant a penny?

How unreasonable… how dare they?

Football isn’t a charity.

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Financially Brighton have no need to sell, and with a strong chance of European football next season selling him midseason makes no sense, unless the player himself decides to force the issue.

Also, if they do qualify for Europe it will strengthen his value in the summer when they have a stronger position for securing a replacement by being able to offer European football.

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Yeah but it’s so unfair on poor Chelsea and Arsenal :upside_down_face:

Chelsea squad right now.

And still no striker

That’s without players out on loan.

Hope they don’t all go to the canteen for their lunch at the same time… ya would be queueing for hours holding the tray :0)

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Another 30-35m spent on a teenage RB…building an army by the looks of it, all that’s left is a deadline swoop for Rice Caicedo and Enzo.

This takes them to a current net spend of €433m last summer and this January in total.

Is this the highest figure a club has spent in such a short spell of time and the all time January transfer record?

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Looking forward to Boehly now proposing to the Premier League to allow 53-man matchday squads to be used in the same way as NFL teams.

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Absolutely has to be.