Hillsborough trial collapse

Fucking establishment looking after their own.Absolute shitshow .Fuck the police,fuck the lawyers,fuck them all, utter utter gobshites.JUSTICE FOR THE 96,and always in awe and respect for the families and those on our side thru this.


I want to get angry and rail against it - but I’m just so tired and exhausted by it all. Time and time and time again we see that justice is a joke of a concept and means nothing to those in positions of power.

Whether that is Hillsborough, Grenfell, Bloody Sunday, Covid or any of the other countless examples of powerful people allowing their friends, or political expedient allies, to get away with anything they want and the law be buggered.


Wow,this thread sadly sunk like a stone.

No surprise there after what the BBC reported.

Jonathan Goldberg QC, who represented Mr Metcalf, said “there was no cover-up at Hillsborough” and the three men had been exonerated by Lord Justice Stuart-Smith in 1998.

“Despite this, the witch hunt has continued to resurrect the same tired accusations by prosecuting three old men,” he said.

Mike Rainford, solicitor for Mr Denton, said the pain and suffering for the families was “unimaginable” but this trial “should never have taken place at all”.

The ruling brought an end to the “myth of the Hillsborough cover-up once and for all”, he said, after “years of lies, half-truths and rumours”.

Mr Foster’s solicitor Paul Harris said the trial had been a “shameful waste of public resources”.

“This narrative of an alleged cover-up, when every document was meticulously preserved and maintained, was not borne out by the evidence,” he said.

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