If it's not Scottish, it's crap!

So due to high demand!

Rangers are 2-0 up over Falkirk after Celtic’s shock defeat to Connor Randall’s Ross County.


Lennons job must be on the line, he been very poor this season, who would be a good replacement though?

I have heard Eddie Howe name mentioned…

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Put a comma after Scottish :sunglasses:

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Rangers defenders all together so far this season:

23 goals and 21 assists.

Although much of it are Tavernier’s numbers and quite a few penalties. But a lot of assists from him and Barisic.

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Would be lovely to see Stevie win the title with Rangers. Celtic have had it all their own way for a while. Putting Rangers back on top of the pile would be a job well done, at a big club, unlike Fat Frank’s modest showing at provincial Derby County.

Stevie is getting some good experience under his belt there, growing like a boss. I’m not sure whether that will all turn into a call back to Liverpool, in a post Jurgen world, as you have to cross that bridge when you come to it.

But nice one Stevie. Keep it going lad.

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Some kinda shitty self entitlement from these fans.

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Looking done and dusted before christmas! I guess if Celtic win their two games in hand it might still be a race but Hibs and Aberdeen are within 3 pts of of second place now.

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What impresses me more is how Stevie has handled Europe as well.

The league title is all well and good in Scotland but to easily qualify from Europe is very different.

You only have to see Celtic’s record this last few years, Rangers group is marginally easier than Celtic’s but not by the margin of 10 points which sees Celtic bottom of their one and Rangers 8 points clear in their one.

I think his time at Liverpool has gone, but if he was to achieve big elsewhere then who knows.

Though it would have to be somewhere better than Scotland.

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Again… Rangers defenders scoring and assisting.

Tavernier with another goal and assist and Goldson with another goal.


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Gerrard definitely doesn’t need his striker doing something stupid to derail their momentum. Ehh, but it is Morelos afterall.

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Stevie wasn’t an angel himself. Hopefully he can instil some control in the firey belly of Morelos.

Would be good to see Gerrard be the one break the 9 year run Celtic are on.

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:sweat_smile: Yeah, I still remember he came on as a sub, saw red mist, then saw the red card. All within a few minutes.


Yep, a bit of a stamp aganst Manchester United when he was brought on at Old Trafford to try and save the game. :rofl:

Plenty of bad two footers over the years too. Although he wasn’t snidey like Pepe or Suarez, just strong in the tackle.

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IMO he doing everything he can to lower his value, (the gers wanted 17M at 1 point)
in the hope that he finally gets his move

he’s also been pretty crap this year, only scoring a handful of goals

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On Gerrard, I’m probably an old school dinosaur, but I quite liked him getting stuck in. World class player, but also one who would not be bullied, and he would also enact any revenge he thought was needed, on behalf of his teammates. One of my favorite clips of all time is watching Gerrard go up for a header with Fellaini, lead with his arm, and see the lanky, dirty bugger sitting on the ground, blood streaming down his face, birds chirping around his head, wondering, “What just happened?”

Well, what just happened was our captain got sick of watching you elbow his teammates and decided to give you some back.

One slight criticism of the current team, which is probably mitigated by the fact that the game moves on, is that we don’t quite have the nasty side of Gerrard in the side. They are not shrinking violets, but I can’t imagine Richarlison, for example, would be throwing himself in, studs up at Liverpool players, derby after derby, without Stevie deciding to do something about it.

Stevie is doing very well at Rangers. Big club, big traditions, big fan base, but had fallen away in recent years after mismanagement and bad owners.

He is making a decent case for himself there, and growing as a manager as he goes.

When Klopp decides to go in a few years, you could see Stevie in the mix for the job.

Hmmmmmm… Former midfield legend; does well as a manager at Rangers; comes back to Liverpool…

What could possibly go wrong? :thinking: