Threads going off subject?

Seems to go on a bit and maybe its just me that it bothers but the current one is the banging on about Jota and the Midtjylland in The owners/fsg thread.Can those posts not be moved to a more appropriate thread or is that a pain in the ass?

Steven Gerrards Rangers through to the last 16 in the Europa League…




What’s everyone having for tea tonight? Or do you call it dinner?

When I was growing up we called it tea. Since I’ve been married it is dinner. I don’t think I’m getting posher, but I might just be conforming.

Anyway, never conform. Always be yourselves. YNWA

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Low level drug dealer?


Anyway, sick of seeing Jota stuff in the owner thread. John Henry didn’t force him to play! Or did he? Hmmm…

Wanted to hoover up his 2.7M did old Henry. Those yachts aren’t cheap to run.

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Have we got a video?


We can easily move posts, but we are a small team ( in different time zones) and we are not constantly reading all threads in all areas of the forum.

We have about 20,000 posts a month so we rely upon a certain level of self moderation. Or at least making us aware.

To be honest good conversation should occasionally stray into different areas. I don’t wish to be militant and shut down debate. But no harm in anyone speaking up and saying let’s move extended conversation to new or existing thread.

We are all a community and it does not always need a mod to solve :wink:


Is it easy to move threads from one post to another post…?
I ask because if it has not already been outlined… maybe put up some ABC type details on how to move it…
Any off-topic debate that strays too far can be policed by the forumites themselves…
Once members realise that there is an action plan in place, might make them more aware and they will move across themselves…!
Just a thought is all… Ignore if it is a crap idea :upside_down_face:

It’s like hearding cats on this forum at times.

Bill Hader Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live


Why does everything on the internut come back to cats eventually?


Posts can only be moved by a mod, by self-policing ISMF is more saying that the community can feel free to say “hey guys, let’s continue this in thread x” if they feel something is straying too far off-topic.


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I mean the mods can make the rules but if every person insist they are right instead…why does sound so familiar like something that is happening in the world now…???

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What do you want the mods to do?
  • Keep threads strictly on topic - that’s the point of a forum.
  • Allow thread to meander - that’s what conversations do.
  • Only intervene when it’s completely off topic, like a thread in the Albert that’s not even about LFC anymore.

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Don’t hold any opinion on this matter really…
a) If each post is read in a chronological manner… It is easy to follow the why’s or wherefore a topic takes a more meandering route. Easy enough to just scan them without interest.
b) Dipping into a thread that has gone off topic can be slightly confusing until another look at the title brings you back to the initial aims of a main thread.
c) Other members will always post a thread specific to topic so the conversations can return to title
d) The downside of talking off-topic in the wrong thread means if relevant points are made, then they are lost for good because they will be filed under the wrong heading title…
So, in the scale of things… not really letting something like off-topic bother me, why would it!

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In the other place people got permanently banned for allegedly taking threads vaguely off topic… :sunglasses:


Well…not permanently.

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Thank God Lady Gaga got her dogs back!