USA all leagues and cups

Revolution are desperately dull this year,not bad but it’s a hard sell to sit thru a game.We do claim Toronto as our own this season,cos they play in Conneticut And Hartford in the usl would give the revs a game!
Highlights from the recent new england derby,

glad somebody posted this, because a couple of weeks ago (same sunday night as heat/celtics game 6 iirc) i watched higuain play for inter miami, in the rain, in an empty stadium in chester PA

he skied a pen late on and then got into the faces of several union players

it was surreal

they say rb salzburg is after aaronson from the union, he’s from south jersey & he plays hard so it would fun to follow him

Absolutely pissing down in Fort Lauderdale,30 minutes in weather delay.Miami v Houston.I see the usl are begining the play-offs today,