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Revolution are desperately dull this year,not bad but it’s a hard sell to sit thru a game.We do claim Toronto as our own this season,cos they play in Conneticut And Hartford in the usl would give the revs a game!
Highlights from the recent new england derby,

glad somebody posted this, because a couple of weeks ago (same sunday night as heat/celtics game 6 iirc) i watched higuain play for inter miami, in the rain, in an empty stadium in chester PA

he skied a pen late on and then got into the faces of several union players

it was surreal

they say rb salzburg is after aaronson from the union, he’s from south jersey & he plays hard so it would fun to follow him

Absolutely pissing down in Fort Lauderdale,30 minutes in weather delay.Miami v Houston.I see the usl are begining the play-offs today,

I watched a full revs game last night,was chucking down so thought it might be better than the usual revs fare of a goal a game,finished 4-3! commentators were annoying but fun watch,not sure how many games are left then the play-offs await.

Mls peno drama orlando today,excuse the commentaters!

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Revs 1 up at Orlando in the eastern semi-final,20 minutes gone forgot the game was on!
2-0 up now.

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All kicking off.ya man defo red card for orlando,nani and a few others acting like real cunts,ref does nothing…oh wait one yellow card to nani,should of gone for dissent.Still 2-1 revs.i didn’t realize this one was on national telly,and was streaming!

Nice Matt turner saves a nani pen! orlando are really getting after the ref.
Bou 3-1!

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Columbus v New England in the eastern final next sunday, Kristian Nemeth gets a kickabout for The Crew.

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When Nani is your team’s emotional leader you cannot expect good things to happen.

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Seattle beat Dallas 1-0,in the west, Kansas city v Minnesota,tomorrow.

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Ah fuck it.Revs lost 1-0,only caught the 4 minutes on injury time,Revs had a few good chances,but not to be.

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Late drama in the other semi-final

Glorious failure for ex blue Adrian Heath against ex Red Brad Smith!

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I like Heath. He was our original coach here in Orlando, and I got to know him then. He was part of the launch of turning this into an MLS side and did as much as anyone of connecting with the local community in a way that would make them support the team. Since he got let go it’s definitely felt like that connection has lessened (although was also partly due to the Chairman stepping down in disgrace).

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Plenty of ads for the final during the nfl game last night,still not sure that’s the best target audience, :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face: And the game is Saturday night at 8 not sunday as i said earlier.

Does the winner automatically get crowned World Champions?

I’d actually respect the MLS if they announced that. Just so I can watch the absolute fury on twitter.

Would funny as fuck could also do "The mls football"winners and see the fume.

Well pretty much a no-contest 3-0 to Columbus.The Crew are getting a new stadium next season i think,their second soccer specific stadium in Columbus.Revoluton are still down at Foxborough,allegedly still looking for land in Boston for a stadium(season ticket renew time).Really wish we had a USL team in the city.

So L.A or Florida then?