First Name: Alex
Surname: Oxlade-Chamberlain
Squad Number: 15
Position: Midfielder
Height: 1.75m
Weight: 70kg
D.O.B.: 15.08.1993.
Town of Birth: Portsmouth
Country of Birth: England
Nationality: English

Didn’t expect that

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sad for him. He looks like he is raring to go in preseason and in the game he was injured, looks to be very proactive and wants to go and then gets injured…don’t know how he will be mentally but guess the first thing is to recover and get fit first and lets see how this new bout of injury will affect him coming back…

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And some thought we will be able to sell him - and even get more than £10m for him.

Loved what he did in those three games against City but since then he had less than 10 good games for us and basically was unavailable for 90% of the time.

Good guy Alex but he’ll struggle to find a club next year. MLS at best.

The worry for me here is that if anyone in the squad needed a good preseason then it was him. He disappeared out the side back end of last year and just didn’t look like he could get up to speed with the odd cameo he was given here and there.

Now, he’s not getting the chance to play in the meaningless, pressure free games to get up to speed and he’s also missing all the conditioning work.

He’ll be coming back in October and need to get match fit during an incredibly busy period of games and then we’ll hit the break for the world cup. I’d be surprised if we see much of him before the turn of the year at which point you think why give him the game time if he’s going to be gone in a few months time.

Really sad situation for him and the club. You’d say it’s probably the worst value signing we’ve made in Klopp’s time here and we’ll get nothing back on him when he goes either.


30ish million on the last year of his deal has to be Naby Keita level of poor transfer fee. Like said above can’t imagine him playing much until 2023 and then it will be must win-high pressure games in the run up to the end of season in which I can’t imagine him getting gametime

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£30m would have been alright if he’d stayed fit but that big knee injury just seems to have stalled his career here. Since then it has just been niggles and recovery periods until finally dropping out of favour entirely back end of last year.

Without that knee injury, who knows. But now, I really think we should have been actively looking to move him on this summer and bringing in someone else. Not even necessarily Tchouameni or Bellingham but someone we could rely on.

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Shame for Ox into the last season of his contract and needed to stay fit to get game time, fingers crossed he gets back and contributes to a great season for us.

I don’t think we will see much of Ox this season following this injury setback. Such a shame too as he was having a bright start to preseason.

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Poor sod. You’d have to be hard hearted indeed not to feel sorry for him.
Can’t see where his career goes from here.
I know he’s a multi millionaire with a hot chick and all that, but the disappointment of a career that promised so much at its outset will be difficult to bear.