There have been similar incidents in other countries too. I don’t remember well, but there was a case in Italy/France.

Nice to see him training with the team today.

Don’t know how much, but he’s doing the warm up part open for the public.

Like a new right-back!

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Hope he stays fit and helps us achieve top4

Wonder if he’ll get any minutes in Salah’s position if he manages to stay fit (believe) and we keep the same shape. Allow Salah to play more centrally, perhaps in the role Jota’s played in the last two.

Almost anything is worth a go at this point.


He is certainly one who might play well in this system if we can get this month out of him and some decent performances it would give us options.

I was shocked to see him to be fair.

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I don’t think it will change his departure at the season’s end, but I do hope he gets the opportunity to ram some of the more unpleasant comments down people’s throats.


RB seems more likely with the issues with Trent and Matip

Yeah, it’s time to let him go.

I think I’ve got more chance of playing RB and last time I did we conceded 19 goals in the second half.

It was 2-1 at half time to us

I always thought he could have been a good backup right full for us. Feel like could have been easier on his body and use his skill set better. Probably defensively suspect but we used to that

Remember a couple of years ago when Ox was fit but struggling to get a game, saying that he could do a lot worse than knock on the managers door and offer to do a shift at Right Full Back.

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Oxlade will snap every single ligament trying to cover the ground our right back does.

I don’t understand the obsession for Ox playing RB. He isn’t a RB. What makes people think that he can do a better job than Gomez, Ramsay, and (if it’s that dire) Milner?

Speed, agility, and that he’s done it for Arsenal?

When i saw the thread activity i thought another injury. :no_mouth:

I don’t understand. Are you suggesting that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has speed and agility? And when did he last played RB for Arsenal? How many games did he play RB for Arsenal?

Are you being obtuse here?

I just asked some questions, sincere apologies.