‘Ang on, ang on, ang on Robbeh....It’s the Man Cheaty Thread

It’s interesting. It’s commonly said that there is only so long a manager can work with a group of players before the message becomes stale, and in most cases, when you’re winning, you change the players to keep things fresh. Pep is well known for his intensity, which becomes increasingly prickly over time. I wonder if they are approaching the point (or past it) where the better options was the change the messenger rather than the players.

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I guarantee Erling is asking himself why he went from this…


To this…

He’ll be playing in Spain before the next St Crispin’s Day…


Scrooge Mcduck Money GIF


Fuck the money…

He’ll get sick of the noise of crickets quicksticks.

Try saying that three times fast.


All part of the plan. Do a stint in Manchester, then off to Real Madrid, then maybe one other relevant team before MLS or Saudi $.

City are now down to just 19 outfield players after letting go of Cancelo. They now have 0 left backs and at RB have only Walker and the 18 year old Lewis.

Sergio Gomez is there as LB support.

But lately they’ve been playing without classic full backs (I mean, it’s nothing new really), building more with 3 at the back.

Lewis is one of the best young players in the country to be fair, glad to see him getting the game time he deserves.


Sure, I completely understand those things, but it is a comment pointed to the ongoing misapprehension that City’s strength comes from having a big squad with 2 top players for every position. They have 19 outfield players and 3 of those have only about 20 meaningful appearances among them.


In a world gone mad, my ex’s Man City supporting son was today, and without a hint of irony, self awareness or apparent recollection of what I’ve been telling him over the years might I add, bemoaning how Chelsea are ruining football with the amount of money they’ve been spending while sagely stating that it’s not good for the game and that the authorities should do something about it.



Guardiola loves to buy fullbacks, wait for it this summer :sunglasses:

Tom Segura Comedy GIF by Netflix Is a Joke

If Pep was born as a woman… apparently. ! :0)


Yip, looks like a coke head.

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Usually they look kind of cute on these, most of the Liverpool team did. But as a woman he doesn’t eithier.

Both look like the sort that would be found holding up the nightclub toilet when your busting for a shit


powerdering their nose perhaps?