Copa America 2021

Well done Colombia. You have escaped from a super spreader event.


Still haven’t managed to sort out your mess, eh!!! :expressionless:

It was an utterly stupid tournament with that structure. I’m sure Conmebol will find a way to make their solution even more stupid, like putting the Colombian half of the tournament in Canada. Or Japan.


Apparently Chile, Venezuela, and Ecuador, together has offered to host the Colombian games. CONMEBOL is trying to host the entire event in Argentina. They have less than three weeks to sort everything out.

Not sure if i should post this in the Blueshite thread but funny as fuck he skipped out early on them and then doesn’t get picked for Colombia,star fucking world class player that he is!


Marquee signing. :joy:

Last summer if they had done that I would have been disappointed but he really has just delivered what most of Europe’s top clubs probably expected he would hence why he went there.

Isn’t it very late to come to this decision? Is the tournament to take place elsewhere at such short notice? Will it be postponed or even cancelled?

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It should be cancelled. Corona situation isn’t any better in other South American countries, so there’s no feasible host. Hopefully good senses will prevail. :palms_up_together::pray:

Common sense v $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

I know which one my money would be on.


And theirs too.


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Yeah Brazil right? They’ve done such a great job with covid,Ya gotta wonder what the pay off was to move it there no?

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That’s typical of Bolsarno absolutely insane, can tell his popularity has dropped so low.

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“Safest football event”

Stupidity, I doubt our players will pull out as some where very supportive of Bolosarno but any player who does has my full support, this is polĂ­tics using sport, if Argentina had concerns then then the alternative is not Brazil.

I think I’ll skip watching this

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I think the South American confederation is the culprit. They just have to have the freaking tournament.

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Bolosarno faced large public protests, he is falling far behind Lula if he is allowed to run and is facing a senate inquiry, someone’s just paid someone a large amount of money to “bring football home”

And to be damned with the consequences, it’s left healthy well to do 23 year olds on deaths door, I’d be concerned about any our players setting foot there.

Luckily my boyfriend somehow got his first jab in France and got a second when he got back but this is insane and disgusting.


I wonder why WHO doesn’t red flag the tournament as a super spreader event. Madness, utter madness.


Brazil’s Europe-based players might pull out of the tournament. Seems that they’re none to happy about being forced to play in their Covid-ridden homeland. Funnily enough I was thinking earlier about the risk to our Brazilian lads.

The whole thing is a farce and should be skipped this time around.


The most fucked up part of that story is that with the tournament kicking off in 10 days, Brazil still have 2 world cup qualifiers to play before then, the first of which is in Brazil today.