Daft Prick Boehly‘s Stamford Bridge Globetrotters

If Pulisic isn’t in the team then it won’t be for footballing reasons, surely. His performances towards the end of the season were extremely good. That ability to run at a deep lying defence and beat 2 or 3 men is unique.

I’ll be very pleased if Lampard decides to play Werner out on the left instead of Pulisic, he doesn’t have anything like the same ability on the ball.


This could go to Spurs’ thread.
I guess Maureen has forgotten that he benefited massively from the oligarch’s sinking £££ into Chelsea. I think that he is just riling up the Chelsea’s fans.

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Fat Frank is going to try a 2-1-7 formation because a 36 year old defender will solve their shit goalkeeping problems.


Now Chelsea getting their GK in Edouard Mendy of Rennes. Senegalese, extremely athletic and REALLY confident (cocky) in his own abilities. Aside from his athleticism I’m not sure I see him as a technical upgrade on what they already have at the club. Unless Frank has been personally scouting him and identified him as the ‘one’ he wants. Sometimes that’s all it takes.

EDIT: Frank has NO excuses now. This is ridiculous. Absolute bullshit excuses if he doesn’t win the league or at the VERY least finish 2nd. This is the equivalent of playing fantasy football but with actual human being. As I type this out I see they’re “considering” a move for Declan Rice? This is getting hilarious now. Frank is an insecure little man to need all these “reinforcements” to strengthen his squad.

Hate Chelsea but I do love their kit. That type of blue is much better than City’s washed out blue.

Werner could pose different kind of threat with those runs and the deliveries of Havertz, Ziyech and the rest. Pulisic is a strong cadidate yeah, he could be their first offensive option off the bench. I see them flipping midfield structure/formations anyway, Havertz sometimes playing false 9 or single 10. So there are also ways to get both Pulisic and Werner in. Question remains overall how much time they need and how they are defensively.

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Of course, I just think that’s much more easily defended against for most sides in this league.

In a league where you have to win at least 30 games to be champions your main threat can’t come just from a player who likes to run in behind.

The threat Pulisic was offering was very hard to defend against even if you double up on him. They should be looking to get both in the side surely.


This is supposedly driven by Cech. Just because he was a good goalie doesnt mean his judgement of others is sound, but it at least is a better sourced target than simply buying the most expensive guy left on the market, which they did last time.

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I agree with what you’re saying here about the different options that are available to the manager because of the different ways the players can be used, but I see that as a challenge rather than a blessing. I think it takes a savvy manager with a strong idea of what he wants to do to not be distracted by that. What one manager could use as flexibility, another can misuse to create confusion and ultimately create lack of confidence in whatever approach they are using at that moment.

I know what you’re saying. They showed it last season, played good games in a few formations. Formations aren’t really the big issue here, it will be their overall balance between defece and attack - in any formation. Havertz should be the key man in those areas either as a false 9 or single 10. When he plays as the single 10, I could see Jorginho dropping more. Kante’s best role is in a double pivot. Will be interesting to see how Ziyech does on the right in front of mainly Azpi (James being a more offensive backup). It’s not Ajax/Dutch league level anymore and with Werner playing really offensive in the opposite channel (maybe similar to the role Salah has here), he will need to work hard.

Fwank claiming Chelsea spending can’t be criticised because we signed expensive players and clearly looking to create controversy and have a fight. Think our match next week will be spikey and I fear Fwank has instructed his players to kick ours. Will be good to see the back if the snide cunt who refuses to admit how easy he has had it.


Too many fairies in that team to do us any physical harm.


I just hope we give them a good hiding with their best new players in the team,while they are still trying to gel.

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My emotions and adrenaline was on level 100 the last time we played them. I wanted our boys to send a message altho it was a ‘meaningless’ match, we were lifting the trophy regardless and we had it all wrapped up. I badly want to beat this lot on Sunday. Frank does not respect Jürgen, at all, and IMO their players do not respect our side. Pulisic found it impossible to give us any credit whatsoever after that match.

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Funny how some thought they are actually becoming less annoying. They are the retarded plastic club they always were and the manager who fits in rightly with their arrogant petulant personality. Fck fwank and fck Chelsea. Hope they get destroyed and he gets the sack.


The media are really going for it and trying to build up some new rivalry between Frank and Jurgen - asking Frank for comment on what Klopp said last week re. ownership and funding. Franks response was a bit magnolia, as expected really - saying he was amused - comes across as smug as ever doesn’t he.

Can’t say I’m surprised, and given Frank is English and all the other “top 6 managers” are not, the media will probably side with him. Problem is, he’s been foolish in the way he acts on more than one occasion - which is fair, as you have to learn - we all know that in Jurgens Mainz and Dortmund days he was way more erratic than he is now, and even in his few years here, he as certainly changed.

I’m assuming that the build up to the match against them will see a lot of reference to the last PL game - where Lampard decided to give it the big un, and Klopp basically made it clear that once off the pitch you forget the sledging and get on with it. Frank is probably still hurting deep inside from being school’d.

Look forward to seeing them tonight - they have a decent squad, hope they fucking lose though.


Happily see a repeat of the friendly a week or so back 1-1

Bitching on about how much we have spent, and then we hear he was ‘gifted’ £200million by the owner to go shopping. Plus, allegedly, Roman popped out and bought a player he wanted in the team too.

Lumpy Lampard is making himself look like a tool.

The twice meltdown by Pep was epic. I hope Fwank has a similar one in this game. Would he hilarious.