Ding Dong.....the US Politics Thread (Part 2)

Oklahama…like if Texas and Missouri had a baby and it got only the shit bits of each

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Are you sure that’s how the song went? :thinking:

why does it feel like they keep moving the yardstick used to measure “fucking crazy”

because …they are?


They should just rename themselves the Q-Anon Party.

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I’ve said it before but the generation who told us not to believe everything we see on TV turned around and believed everything they read on the internet.


It was the generation that believed everything they read in a newpaper or magazine.
Many of the generation they told not to believe all they saw on TV see a scene in a film and think they are experts. Just take palm reading see one palm reading scene and they were all at it telling you how long you would live …

The shit going on at Univision is terrifying. The network was acquired by an old industry guy with zero latino connections about 2 years ago and has increasingly shifted its focus towards being a Spanish Language Fox in the tank for Trump.

There was a lot of focus recently on the oddly softball interview they had with Trump the other week, but the entire picture is needed to put that in context. The interview came about due to an unusual level of executive level involvement. These new executives are known to be pally with Kushner and known to be frequent guests of Mar A Lago. We’ve now seen a high profile resignation over the situation and additional reporting that they were initially scheduled to have a rebuttal immediately after from a member of the Biden team and an ad series scheduled to run during Trump’s interview - both were cancelled at the last minute by Univision. Some concerns started being raised a year or so ago about indications of a change of direction due to the Kushner connection and the initial way they handled the Trump announcement. There were complaints when they cut away from the Biden’s prime time address on Israel and Ukraine half way through. But it’s now in full mask off Pro Trump vehicle.

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I wonder how long before it emerges that there are some Russian links there too…

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I don’t think it needs that. Just plain old American capitalism from a rich guy wanting to get richer and so throwing his influence behind the guy who likes Oligarchs so that he beats the guy who is literally walking the picket line with union leaders.

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Presumably that means Santos loses any immunity he had from prosecution and there seemed to be a number of cases building up around him?

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He never really had any immunity, but what previous people in his situation have done is traded their resignation for a dropping of the charges. He has now lost that option and that more than the actual criminality of an elected member of congress is really the unusual bit here.


Just a heads up to those it might interest.

Rachel Maddow had a very good show last night. On the eve of the publication of her book , Liz Cheney gave an interview. It had the usual great intro from Rachel , and with her reading lots of excerpts from the book fingering most of the major players from the coup attempt.

Looks like this might kick off what could become the ‘save democracy’ campaign. The Atlantic are also dedicating their latest edition entirely to the threat that Trump poses.


Pretty easy solution to this. Just print more $$$$

Like a lot of wars, attrition and determination comes into it. My fear is Russia will outlast America.

Similarly, Maddow was a guest at the NYC stop of Chris Hayes’ speaking tour recently and they put it out as an episode of his podcast. It’s an absolutely fantastic conversation mostly around her new book and how it relates to the challenges of the present day. There is one comment about Henry Ford that had me rolling on the floor saying that if there is one thing worse that being found with a portrait of Hitler it is Hitler being found with a portrait of you (as he is alleged to have had of Ford).

The book is based on the podcast series she released last year about the rise of fascism in the US in the 30s, which is well worth a listen.

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