Draft Pick Boehly‘s Stamford Bridge Globetrotters (The Chelsea Thread)

I live that scene about once a week

Yeah people with IQs of 150 tend to be very poor at learning, isn’t that right fwank?

I know it’s a subjective thing but he has to be the worst manager in this league I have ever seen, all factors considered;

Knows the league - check.
First managed a league lower and kinda did okay - check
Is English - check
Is a media darling because of that - check

This gormless fucker has everything going for him but is genuinely useless. I know we’ve had done duds in this league but Frankie is taking the cake, and eating it. If his name was Franck Lampardette and he hailed from somewhere on the continent he’d have been run out of town with giddy laughter.

A shoo in, then, for a struggling PL club next season.


It always makes me laugh when Jabba says he’s underrated because he’s English. As you rightly point out, it’s continental managers who aren’t given a fair deal in this country.


Fwank Bollocks, the wannabe-but-will-never-truly-be PL manager.

There was that bloke at Villa and Mick McCarthy’s assistant who followed him around but yeah I don’t think eithier were this bad nor where they given 2 top flight jobs and a promotion favourite to manage and failed.

He got away with one ok season during Covid, I knew he was going to struggle off the back of keeping Everton up. They basically got relegated because Burnley were that bad, they even lost to them.

Maybe he should have learned that being a tory cunt is not enough to manage in the Premier League :thinking:

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And that avenue is closed off for now as well :wink:

Frank leaves on a high. :clap:

Why? has he been fired from a cannon?


Wanna know the real funny part in all of this?

He’ll still land a few more jobs in the Prem….don’t think he’ll care being laughed at for getting paid thousands a week to lose.

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I’m not sure who would appoint him now, the batshit crazy clubs have already had him and surely Spurs wouldn’t?

Even Villa are savvy with Emery.

I often say Gerrard needs to rebuild his reputation with a Championship club, plenty of them would go with Lampard before him and I find that odd.


He can do that, but Stevie just doesn’t seem cut out to be a top-flight PL manager. Haven’t seen anything from him tactically that would lead me to believe he has the nous to do it.

Lampard is even worse.

Top top players hardly went on to become truly great managers.
KK is one of the finest ever to kick a ball and enjoyed some success in managing though he fell just short of being a cream.
Klopp hit the stratosphere in coaching but was only an above average footballer.
Pep might arguably be an exception but then he’s a cheating fraud through and through.


Some managers aren’t bad at certain levels.

Colin Warnock is fine at Championship level, Steve Bruce has yet to find his level for example.

Lampard hasn’t got a level, probably on par with Phil Neville but more arrogant.


ZZ was an elite player, one of the world-best. He does have an enviable record as a coach but how much if that is down to both his assistants and players he had available is open to interpretation.

Ancelotti was a lop class midfielder (AC Milan plus part of a very talented Italy 90 squad) and a top class coach


Yes, the People’s Eyebrow is definately one of the very rare few.
As for ZZ, he’s an asterisk as he haven’t proved his top top coach credentials by repeating his RM success at another club.

Yeah Ancelotti is probably one of those exceptions.

Conte was getting there but he’s looking more average at every appointment.


What do we make of Rijkaard and Luis Enrique? Both top class players and league/CL title winners as coaches.

Caveat being Rijkaard hasn’t done anything without Ronaldinho and Messi. And same with Enrique (Messi, Suarez, Neymar)