Ex-player: Arthur MELO

Jota isn’t having any of this warm weather clothing.


Now that Stefan and Hendo are injured, what are the chances of seeing Arthur start a match?

Has he even played 1 minute so far?

So it would be having a new player … oh wait … :sunglasses:

He might if we do a Man Utd against someone come on to have a wave at the Kop but I can’t see anything beyond that.

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what a completely waste of time this has been.

i had zero expectations from him, wished him the best…was kind of optomistically hoping we’d pulled a bit of a gem…

but seriously, hes not even near the first team…pointless.

assuming this has cost the club money on some level… so whilst we are all busy defending the club for raising ticket prices, and at the same time demanding more money into players, someone, somewhere, thought it was a good idea to sign (on loan) this bloke who even when fit (or has he been injured this whole time?) isnt worth a spot in the squad.

well. done.

Are you talking about the second leg at Madrid? Because he wasn’t eligible, he wasn’t in the CL list.

In any case, Arthur is a good player and had he stayed fit, it’s likely that he would have been starting instead of Bajcetic with Thiago going down and Fabinho and Henderson’s struggles. But he’s lost so much time, that only now he’s starting to get into match day squads.


I thought he was on the bench against Bournemouth. He played for the U23 a few times on his own request to get match fitness.

It is not the lack of character that he is not playing, the guy just needs a break and stays fit, he has proven at Barcelona that he can play a bit.


Yup he was.

A few times? :smirk::smirk::smirk:


Problem I had with this guy is that we loaned him when he was unfit. Always a mistake. The midfield transfer dealings last summer were dreadful and we really need to ensure we get proper turnover this summer. I said it at the time but most seem to think because we ‘almost’ won a quadruple that we didn’t need to radically overhaul midfield but the team has been papering over the cracks for ages and we were always going to fall apart at some point if we didn’t properly freshen up

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He was not injured, he was just not match fit. When you only start trying to make moves on the last day of the window you’re only get players for whom there are a lot of downsides for the move.


Yeah I said ‘unfit’. Given he was a short term loan option because players were injured, he really needed to be able to contribute straight away. On top of that his injury and playing record suggested he wasn’t going to be me reliable. He was just a poor option and goes to how poorly the club handled midfield turnover in the summer. We must go hard this summer - Keita, Ox, Milner, Fab, Hendo and Thiago are all going to need replacing in the next 2 years and I think we’ll need 4 quality players to do so. Ideally we front load this with 3 this summer (Inc Jude) and 1 next summer.

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Send him back to Juve ASAP… Fraudiola tried to shake Tsimi’s hand but the lad has more about him and refused…!

wonderful bit of skill to nutmeg the player,

i’d give him a 10 year deal the now!

Also, that heel juggle will be really useful in a game situation I’m sure

Hoped we would see a bit of him yesterday off the bench, with the game lost and dead, just to get a glimpse if he could be of any help in some remaining games. And especially as we struggled at times to come out from deep with the ball.

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What is the cokehead even doing?