Fixture List 2023-24

I thought there might be a use for a thread dedicated to this topic. Apologies if it’s elsewhere and I missed it.

Liverpool’s fixture list is out for the 2023-4 Premier League season.

Fixture List — TIA

It looks like we have somewhat of a rough start, but I like playing Chelsea early. The rest of it, at a glance, looks fairly balanced to me. As usual, there are some more difficult sections.

We might know more about the difficulty of some times when the Europa League draw is done.

Edit: I’m putting the full list below in case people want it here on TAN.

13 – Chelsea (A)
19 – Bournemouth (H)
26 – Newcastle (A)
2 – Aston Villa (H)
16 – Wolves (A)
23 – West Ham (H)
30 – Tottenham (A)
7 – Brighton (A)
21 – Everton (H)
28 – Nottm Forest (H)
4 – Luton (A)
11 – Brentford (H)
25 – Man City (A)
2 – Fulham (H)
5 – Sheffield United (A)
9 – Crystal Palace (A)
16 – Man United (H)
23 – Arsenal (H)
26 – Burnley (A)
30 – Newcastle (H)
13 – Bournemouth (A)
31 – Chelsea (H)
3 – Arsenal (A)
10 – Burnley (H)
17 – Brentford (A)
24 – Luton (H)
2 – Nottm Forest (A)
9 – Man City (H)
16 – Everton (A)
30 – Brighton (H)
3 – Sheffield United (H)
6 – Man United (A)
13 – Crystal Palace (H)
20 – Fulham (A)
27 – West Ham (A)
4 – Tottenham (H)
11 – Aston Villa (A)
19 – Wolves (H)

That is a surprise - normally by police request there are no ‘big’ games on the first week. I guess not a derby, but nonetheless a surprise.

Which one of us doesn’t rate big game status now after last season?

Chelsea and Toon away in the first 3 matches has the potential for a rocky start.

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I thought it was that the system prevented the last season’s top 6 meeting in the first round of games… so with Chelsea finishing 12th it made it possible


Not going to lie, never heard of the police request and then the system for the top 6.

Always question the legitimacy of the fixtures due to not having any big games

Yeah, I think that’s right, no Top 6, no derbies.

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7 league games in December and 2 in January.I know the FA cup starts for us in January but that’s a big difference in league games.

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There’s a two-week break for PL games. The English version of winter break.

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Tough start but it might finish 0-0

The changes for August and September.

Sep 3: Liverpool vs. Villa
NT Break
Sep 16: Wolves vs. Liverpool
Sep 21: LASK vs. Liverpool
Sep 24: Liverpool vs. WHU
Sep 27: Liverpool vs. Leicester :kangaroo:
Sep 30: Spurs vs. Liverpool



Hopefully match day 2 of the Europa League is home as we have two away league games in a row before the next break and nethier are easy.

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We will know tomorrow.

Yeah, at home to USG

Good stuff

So rest of Sep:

Wolves (a)
West Ham (h)
Leicester (a) EFL
Spurs (a)

Bar Spurs, who look rejuvenated under Angeball, I think we should be winning all those comfortably. Feeling good about how we’ve started.

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Spurs are improving, but are still a level below us.

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Think we’ll be above them come May, but I always get the jitters going to their place. Maybe it was because of Kane tbf - he always seemed to score against us.

We’ll be beyond their reach by the end of March, referees permitting.


I don’t think any team is a problem for us. But we generally slip after a NT break. Also, hoping our players return unscathed. Think around 15 of them will be on duty.

Wolves away MD5 12:30h today after international break.

Spurs away MD7 September 30th

Brighton away MD8 October 8th

Everton MD9 October 21st 12:30h after international break.

Enough has been said about the two 12:30h games.

Add to that two consecutive away games against two of the stronger teams in the league.

Early in the season but this will already show if we will challenge for the title or only being in the race for Top4 IMO.

Would be very happy with 10 points but can’t see it tbh.