Hook, line and sinker. The fishing thread

Will watch it over the next few days… There is another film advertised next to it called Cowspiracy. Might make a full night of it and watch both

I daren’t, it’ll break my heart watching that.


Yeah, can’t argue.

Still beautifully atmospheric Semmy! Thanks for posting for a Australian who loves the cold and sometimes pines for some real North American gloom and the promise of proper winter snows.

funny, I just put up some Peter Lik prints in my office space I bought in Cairns

Salmon season just opened here on the local rivers. Chinook currently in season, hope to catch a few this year.

just finished a 10-day stint through the north Okanagan area, got to see some stunning lakes. Now I want to move…my Son caught the biggest fish of the week, 2lb rainbow trout off my uncle’s dock in Blind Bay. bent his rod right over.

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my 8yo had the catch of the day again. Was out on a local major river system knowing that the chinook, pink, coho and chum are all coming into to spawn right now. with the lack of rainfall, the water levels on the rivers are quite low and the salmon are finding holes to hide in. when this happen, the coastal cutthroat trout are usually close by the prey on the eggs laid by the salmon. He hooked into a good one yesterday. kiddo needs a bigger fishing rod now, had to borrow one from a friend for him to chase 8-12lb salmon.

he’s so young that I have him wearing a PFD in case he hooks into spring/chinook salmon that is strong enough to pull him off balance…

since I don’t have anyone near me to give away fishing spots to…here’s the exact location we were standing. to the back right of the photo, you can see the trees on this little island in the middle of the river when it’s at spring/summer flow levels. it’s down about 1.5m at this time of year.