Jokes that don’t meet Flobs’ exacting standards thread

Should be illegal to be fat, a fatty fight! :rofl:
Having tried driving through Bezier once I’m with the cyclist, in any case I hate delivery vans and men. They annoy me at 6am when I’m trying to be polite to some old lady who wants some bread that isn’t harder than an oak log!

Oh Dane you’re selling Eire to me there. What I am missing! :rofl:

I’m was the courier knocked his lights out. Having walked around many cities in UK, Europe, Asia and Aus, cycalists are the most entitled and arrogant pricks on the road. They pay nothing in taxes, but think they own the roads and can do whatever they want.

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Oh dear. Dumb bogan alert.

With you on that, like motorcyclists on the road!
Anyway both are pricks. :rofl:

Did she just fall over her tits? :rofl:

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You wot m8?!

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That poor woman :woman:

I saw this today:

Asmodeus, Belial, or mayeb Adramelech is the one who is posessing me. Certainly someone high up in the fiendish hierarchy if the list above is to believe, as I have so many paths into my soul for one of these infernal lords to exploit.

I like to think it is Adrammelech

Because he is cool since he is not only the very Chanceller of Hell, but also the Chief of Satan’s wardrobe, according to the fun book: Dictionnaire Infernal - Wikipedia

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