Julian Ward: Sporting Director

no @mattyhurst, something has clearly happened to piss em off. You dont normally have an exodus like this unless something has happened.

Ah ok thanks for the clarification.

Something happening like the sale of the club? You frankly know fuck all and nethier do I.


yeah, sometimes you see teams that work closely together have people sticking around when they feel they should be moving on. Bit like being at a party, wanting to go but not be the first to leave…

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graham gone too now

something is up

so Ward’s staying till the end of the season then… January, Bellingham, swansong? :laughing:

I wonder if this affects our transfers for the winter window :rofl:

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Sorry , who’s Graham?

I find it strange that Julian wants to leave after only 1 season. Something is definitely going on behind the scenes.

One of our super analytical bods

Oh no! This is not good. I thought they all would stay until the end of Jurgens tenure.

James Pearce


A major surprise as Julian Ward informs Liverpool he will step down as sporting director at the end of the season.

According to information from Sky, Mislintat is open to succeeding Ward in the coming season and could very well imagine working with Klopp again. For the time being, however, he wants to take a break in order to attack in top form again in the new year.