Keeping Pets, Ethical?

In these parts there are lots of doodles, and they go for thousands, way more than many purebred dogs. It’s ridiculous. My daughter has become a master groomer, specializing in doodles, and she does maybe five dogs a day, and depending on size, it’s up to $100 a dog.

It’s a whole world I wasn’t fully up with until we got ours. She has a business arrangement with a big place, and they provide all the work she wants, they split the fee 50-50, and she keeps all the tips, which are quite a lot on top, too.

The temperament of the dogs is excellent. Our Bernedoodle occasionally has ear issues, but we just make sure we keep them clean and he’s fine. They don’t shed much.

The Jack Russell puppy is a feisty little bugger, and if she had any size to her, she would batter the pair of them, no problem. As it is, they are bemused by her.

By default, they have had to mix up the gene pool. If they are inbred for specific traits, you’ll started getting problems again.

I read a lot of dogs have been bred to accommodate the modern living trends… small dogs, small legs, hence not much exercise needed, so are happy if they are stuck in an apartment all day while owners are at work…

Speaking of mixing up the gene pool, the breeder we got our dog from imported a sire from Scotland to America. They are probably the number one breeder of labradoodles in the Midwest, very ethical, with trainers, vets, a boarding kennel, and a groomer (my daughter) all working on a lovely farm property not so far from where I live.

Poodles in the wild :joy:

Their type was fixed in the 1800s - a German bred hunting dog, specifically to grab fowl from water.

Stepping in poodles

Spot on.