Lionel Messi: wanker

To many, he’s the greatest player of all time.

Not to me; anyway, despite his “golden boy” image, he’s a snide little fucker on the pitch and an absolute cunt off it. Not only for the tax evasion and other financial issues but also for this:

Wonder if he’ll now see out his career at Newcastle? :thinking:


Here’s my take.

Saudi want Messi in England to kick start their development of Newcastle United. They know that FFP will cause havoc, so they wouldn’t be able to pay his wages, unless of course Messi does it for the love of the game and takes a massive pay cut. This deal is the vehicle to allow it to happen.

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As a footballer, he has been a magnificent little player throughout.

But as a man off the pitch? Disgustingly greedy.


I hope Virgil’s back pocket is big enough to hold him, Haarland & CRonaldo

Never underestimate the greed of modern day footballers.

Wouldn’t it be nice , just for once , for one of these multi-millionaires to publicly reject these sportswashing stunts and make a statement instead about respecting human rights and equality ?


I always thought of him as a complete nonentity off the pitch, not just shy; I mean literally not in possession of anything close to a developed personality. He almost becomes more appealing in that the greed you talk of gives him a second dimension.


I think it’s been suggested that he is very introverted with some autism spectrum characteristics which his unique footballing ability has impeded him working on as most would in a school/therapy environment and instead he has been indulged. Had he left Barca at a younger age and played under and alongside stronger characters it’s possible he may have developed further emotionally and psychologically. Regardless an absolute all time great, and from a technical perspective the best player ever.

You truly are a @cynicaloldgit, I think I might be a slightly younger version of you, which means you are right the vast majority of the time.

Out of interest, if Liverpool players play in the Qatar WC, will they receive this amount of anger? It’s clear Messi is a giant testicle but is it any better for a player indirectly promoting a human rights abusing country rather than directly as Messi is doing?

Just interested in people’s thoughts.

My thoughts are that we shouldn’t be participating.


The little scroat never signed for the Toon then.