Liverpool Historical

That footage of the Albert Dock and the area around the Anglican Cathedral is incredible. Hard to believe it was like that not so long ago.
Anyone who has visited the Albert Dock recently will know what a fantastic area it is these days and it was absolutely rammed during the recent song contest.
Fk Thatcher and fk the Tories (apart from Michael Heseltine)!


Those ringside seats were a bit steep for the time. 2 weeks later you could sit in the Main Stand to watch us play St Etienne for 3 quid!


They were an absolute fortune … but it was a world title fight though , and you could still get in for a fiver !

Only intended to watch first 10mins of this to see if it was interesting or not… Became so transfixed, ended up watching the whole episode - and so glad that I did…
20 Forthlin Road, Home of a young Paul McCartney…
It has other bits and bobs about other stuff, but predominately it is about his roots and his hometown.

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Not wishing to be flippant about it , but this probably was the final nail in the coffin for the old Labour movement , and one of the defining moments of the winter of discontent which helped usher Thatcher into Downing St.