Liverpool Loan Watch

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He is certainly someone who has to be considered.



You can take the boy out of Liverpool…

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Happy to see Carvalho getting regular mins.

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I read Van Den Berg’s comment about having to leave this summer if he doesn’t get regular playing time, while Carvalho’s long term prospects at Liverpool also didn’t look rosy a few months ago. I wonder if that will change with the new manager - or I’m just being delusional because their loan moves are going well?

Did anyone get to watch them, by the way? I imagine that Van Den Berg has made centre back position his own but what about Carvalho, which role is he playing there? Transfermarkt and Whoscored are a bit unclear about him in that aspect.

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It’s going be up to the new manager. SvDB looks like he is a talent who I’d like to keep but yeah well up to the new team.

Carvalho is playing regularly with Hull. But he joined them in January.

Yeah, yeah, I’m aware of that, I’m just not sure which role he’s playing and I couldn’t watch any Hull games, to be honest. People are saying that he’s playing everywhere: no. 10, central attacking midfielder or left winger - I doubt he plays all that, to be honest, especially no. 10.

To me, it seems like a left sided midfield role.

Leverkusen was the first I’ve seen of SVDB since pre-season, played a really good game. Looks to have physically grown quite a bit and also out of his shell, he was finger pointing the other 2 at the back around, gesturing to squeeze the play and holding their line.

Carvalho I’ve caught 3 times now, once was on the right side and twice were centrally in the forward line, once in a front 2 where he’d drop slightly deeper in the 10 and the other as the main forward.