Man United: Jim’s Jambalaya with 25% more vegan

I remember reading an article by the always excellent Nick Harris on nandrolone abuse many years ago; I’ve only found a shortened version of it online and linked it here:


I’m pretty sure Everton dont use PED’s! :wink:

In the early 00s nandrolone went from being an old outdated steroid to one that was seemingly back in fashion based on the number of positive tests across a wide range of different sports. No one in the PED space could understand why though because it doesn’t have a good profile so it wasn’t clear why athletes were now suddenly turning to it. It turns out the test was a bad one, pinging people for adverse findings when it shouldn’t have and pretty much everyone had their bans overturned

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Haha @cynicaloldgit

They’d probably offer the same defence as they did for FFP. Yes, we cheated, but come on. Look at us. It didn’t make any difference.

I’m sorry for picking on her but this analysis would be right on point with the likes of Redknapp and Richards.

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Pretty good talent this Mainoo kid. Rarely see an 18-year old, playing central midfield in the midst of all the action, being so calm. Might even get international recognition soon if he continues like this.

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Srsly though…

All these happy, smiling Utd fucks are making me angry.

WTF is going on??! Why must I have to wait so long for more Utd-themed hilarity??

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Mubsy hasn’t been doing his job.

Why would they be happy, I watched the 2nd half and they won due to woeful finishing from Villa, how Maguire got motm is beyond me with the amount of good chances Villa got and missed


They are rubbish but they are closing the gap to Villa. Top five is a distinct possibility, with the likely CL spot it would bring.

I hope they find some hope, and start to dream a little, only to fall short and finish in the Europa spots.

Then after review, the powers that be at the club decide to stick with ETH as they somehow discern signs of progress.

That would be fine by me.


Well they’ve got Europe coming up…

Oh wait

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The inevitable implosion will be much more sweeter when United self destruct later.

Linked with Ashworth.

They’ll fill those roles before we do.

:joy: :man_facepalming:t2:

I preferred them when they were bad and when they appointed money men and/or inexperienced people in key roles. Ashworth did tremendous jobs at both Brighton and Newcastle.

What have Newcastle actually done?

Look at Brighton’s and Newcastle’s transfers under Ashworth. Imagine him using Man United’s insane amounts of money to actually buy players with a clear plan, as opposed to their scattergun approach.

What imagine him buying 8 players like Brighton and achieving 3 successes.

Isn’t that what Man Utd do currently, just at insane prices


Nah, United bring in 8 overpriced and overpaid players with 0-1 successes on average. They’re fucking shit at it.