Man United: they’ve turned a corner (on a rhombicosidodecahedron)


The replies are awesome.

‘Starting Eric Dier’ is getting a good run.

Shake ups are already happening

Arnold’s appointment was part of the more coherent structure put in place after Woodward stepped down. Arnold was to lead the business side with the footballing side led by John Murtaugh who reported to him. Even the latter’s role is now being reported as under threat with Ratcliffe reported to be wanting to bring in Paul Mitchell (the guy who is credited with reviving southampton under Cortese and Poch, and then building the Poch led Spurs) and/or Dave Brailsford

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They are sorely in need of competent governance. Hopefully Jimbo will prove to be a fan, albeit a rich one, who nevertheless has no business running a football club.

A rich person excels in one industry. Then they back themselves to do well in another.

Might be inspired. Might be hubris.

Here’s hoping for the latter, and obviously for the whole thing to continue to struggle along.

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Sir Jim Ratcliffe, who is close to buying 25% of Manchester United, is expected to take guidance from Sir Alex Ferguson as he undertakes an overhaul of the club. (Telegraph - subscription required)

Lol, yes please, it has worked really well taking guidance from him since he stepped back from his manager’s role, long may it continue

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Goldbridge is all in.

SAF is a genius, he needs something to focus on etc etc.

Praying this happens.


Consulting Alex Ferguson these days is a bit of PR. Soothes the fans and pays respect to the sour Godfather. I doubt he has anything useful to say at this point, but Jimbo will do well to doff his cap in that direction and win a few brownie points.


They have to give Ferguson something to do, to justify the £2 million a year he bleeds from the club.


I know the link is far from reliable, but will they never learn? Throwing tons of money at some over the hill forward yet again.
Manchester United are willing to triple Antoine Griezmann’s wages in a bid to sign the France forward, 32, from Atletico Madrid in January. (El Nacional, via Mundo Deportivo)

So they are switching their focus from being a retirement home for Real Madrid castoffs to being a retirement home for Atletico Madrid cadtoffs.

He’s out performing Ole…

Sort of

Three losses out of four Champions League games. Usually that would mean curtains. A last gasp penalty save in their third game meaning they are only a point behind qualification with two games to play. The definition of jammy.

I read this as “meat curtains” at first.

I need to get out more….

beef curtains?

Gateway to her guts?

Sure, why not.

Having to dodge Goldbridge, he’s hideous when they win.

Grudgingly, it was a slightly less than shit goal.

Well they are off to hell on Wednesday.

Someone edit the title of this thread, they’ve been on a roll since the last change!



Bloody loving it! :joy:

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