Man United: they’ve turned a corner (on a rhombicosidodecahedron)


“I didn’t bring Ronaldo on out of respect for his career”.


This is ridiculous.


What a horrible odius little cunt he is

I realised he hadn’t been charged yet, I assume eithier it’s getting hard to get the victim to testify or it’s ballooned as a case with multiple cases come forward.

How is it ten months can go by without charges being filed? Doesn’t seem that complicated a case. We seem to see this more and more in sports. Athletes careers ended or disrupted without due process. Google pitcher Trevor Bauer.

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At a guess , his agent , MUFC and her famly are all busy thrashing out some kind of compensation deal which sees him getting off the hook. This latest little indiscretion might scupper that though. I certainly hope so.


Settlement would be something of an admission of guilt. I guess the PL would keep him suspended for some period of time if he settled.

It’s why I feel the case may have ballooned somewhat , multiple allegations would lead to such a situation but I think it’s best not to speculate.

I don’t like the delay. I’m not a police officer, detective, or lawyer, so I’m only speaking from afar, but the delay seems very unsatisfactory.

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What a remarkably undeserving character to express such sympathy over. Sexual assault and related charges are notoriously difficult to bring especially against famous people and athletes because of how much more unpleasant they can make life for person trying to bring them than they already are.

Bauer’s initial suspension was instituted as part of his due process, a process that is the one agreed upon by the union he is a member of. This due process revealed multiple previous incidences of exactly the same behavior, which despite the legal difficulty in bringing criminal cases against him for any of these incidents was sufficient to be found in violation of the union approved domestic abuse and sexual assault policy to result in the finalization of the 2 year suspension he received.

I certainly am not expressing sympathy for either Bauer or Greenwood. I do think a society formed on the rule of law should respect due process.

In Greenwood’s case, he was publicly accused via social media, and his accuser provided photographic evidence. He is entitled (I think Britain is the same as the U.S.) to a speedy trial. I see no reason for a lengthy “investigation.” Bring the man to justice or let him resume his life and career.

In Bauer’s case, he has prevailed in the legal system by providing substantial evidence refuting his accuser’s claims. Yet the MLB gave him more than double the longest ever unpaid suspension, which he is now appealing. He does have a second accuser, an ex-girlfriend.

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Bauer prevailed by claiming consent, but since the girls injuries included, I believe, broken ribs I can understand why MLB did not feel that exonerated him. Of course sports leagues are all about following public opinion not justice in these things.

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Man Utd footballer Mason Greenwood charged with attempted rape, engaging in controlling behaviour and assault, CPS says

So Ronaldo gets to keep suiting up for matches a while longer, then…

In other words he’ll be back for the game against Spurs midweek.

He won’t be getting bailed this time. Good luck in nick Mason , you’re gonna need it.

Maybe it is Greenwoods defence counsel that are stalling on going to trial… He is still on full wages at the moment, if/once he gets found guilty, his wages might suddenly stop…!

How else can you expect people to interpret you complaining about the way he has been treated?

FWIW, he has received, and been protected by, due process. There is a really high bar for women to get criminal charges brought for sexual assault against men they know. His legal due process meant that the case was investigated and was determined the bar was not met, mostly because this is the case with the vast majority of sexual assaults that are reported, hence the majority not even being reported.

He was also subject to a separate and independent employment due process. This placed him on provisional suspension pending the result of an investigation, the policy that is agreed upon by his union. The result of this investigation found there were reasons to believe the original accusation as credible, and that there were multiple prior credible accusations of exactly the same thing, none of which individually were able to meet the high bar for criminal prosecution. As the league policy, again the one agreed to by his union, does not have use the same threshold for guilt as the criminal system, they were able to determine that he should be punished according to said policy on the totality of the evidence. The result is he only getting 30 odd million of his 100 million dollar contract and is free to seek employment again once the suspension is over and is free from prison the entire time.



Say nothing to prejudice the case and we can hope Justice is done for the victim.