Manchester City* - Cheaters

We dont NEED them to drop any points.
Life is good on this fucking perch.


In my defence
The intercom guy said “We will be pulling off in a minute”.

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Would you have prefered it if he had said “We will be pulling out in a minute”? Could get kinda messy

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But we do, only Arsenal is in the equation now! Just remember 2019 and 2022… The only club that is as willing to take point off their biggest rivals as much as Everton and Man United are is Tottenham. Man City obviously don’t have any natural rivals since their formation occurred in 2008.

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What those cheating cunts do doesn’t matter. We win all of our remaining games and the league is ours - it is in our hands


I wish I could share your and Dane’s optimism but knowing our fixture list, our “luck” with injuries and the attitude of referees towards our club, winning all of them would be nigh on impossible. Imagine not being given two stonewall penalties in home games against your direct rivals, that quite possibly robbed you of four points - oh, wait, it happened to us this very season!


No, we don’t.
Win OUR games, and it doesn’t matter a toss what they do!


Then it doesn’t matter anyway as somehow they will get some dodgy penalties to win them games.

Man City feel as if they are our rivals. The feeling however isn’t reciprocated.

Nothing is more painful than an unrequitted rivalry. Man City fans know that the other fanbases treat them and their club with disdain.


Liverpool haven’t dropped a point to anyone not called Man City or Arsenal since the middle of December.


I have a feeling Diaby is going to have a stormer tonight. He might not have played had Watkins been fit, but he is likely even more direct than Watkins is and has everything that is needed to hurt City on the break. I just hope villa play with more enthusiasm and balls than they showed in their capitulation to Spurs the other week

Ederson must be looking for his gloves eh…

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Love how one caps it to make it different.

Anyhow they probably do but it makes the game harder for them.

sound on :astonished: :joy: :hear_no_evil:

And stealing a Beatles song to boot.

Typical though, Manchester always stealing from Liverpool. Beatles → Oasis, Liverpool Docks → Manc Shipping Canel. They really are just a shameless shithole provincial town

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Much as I despise the little fat hairy handed cunt, fair play to him for this.

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He’s right in terms of the importance of getting it resolved. He trivializes how much more complex and challenging the city case is though. The cases against Everton and Forest were fairly straight forward accounting reviews of the details of what was in their books. The case against City is based on what is NOT in their books. It is far closer to a criminal fraud trial than a basic FFP spending violation.


Plus they’ve systematically refused to cooperate with the investigations. They’re a revolting set-up from top to bottom. If they’re not stripped of everything they’ve ‘won’ top-flight football is meaningless.