Manchester City* - cheating cunts

Daily Fail trying to make a story out of nothing. Leave the lad alone. BTW he is 20 not 18 :roll_eyes:


The story is from Feb 2019 so he could have been 18 at the time

Fair comment to leave the lad alone.

Didn’t know his age, but either way, not a great look to me, and possibly indicative of a bad culture at Man City, especially with the other stuff we’ve seen.

Still, limiting it to the actual football, he’s a smashing player and will be an able back up to Harvey Elliott for England in a couple of years!


Leave the lad alone? He has a child to his girlfriend (who he is still with) and is fucking around with girls whilst out of the country…

Morals of a fucking cockroach.


Draexnael city owners have said he seems ideal for them.


His personal life - the morals of his decisions may be questionable, but it’s not really a matter for us…


I don’t think he has broken the record Stirling had a baby at 16 when he was with us? When you’re on the kind of money they are on bringing up babies is not such a strain.

Sterling had a baby :thinking:

That explains his fat arse.


I didn’t realise thats why he got turfed out of the England camp?

That’s not the only muscle he uses every muscle develops with use as they say

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So Laporte and Mahrez have Covid-19, luckily they don’t play for another week, I do wonder how many players need to go down with it for a game to be called off.


The internationals shouldn’t be going ahead. It’s fucking madness.


I think some are missing the point on Foden. It’s not so much the fact he’s clearly happy to cheat on his gf and mother of his kid, it’s the fact he could potentially expose himself to Covid-19, pass it on to members of the England squad who in turn could return home and infect their team-mates etc at their clubs.
For that he’s a fucking dickhead and needs treating as such.


Ive shared this video in another thread, but apparently if City get Koulibaly, we might as well hand them the title or something :man_shrugging:t2:


I don’t get it either. He’s a really good defender who’ll make them better for sure. But he’s slow as fuck, is in for a rude awakening in the PL, and Van Dijk pisses all over him.

We’ve got the best Keeper, the best Centre Back and the best two full backs in the league. But we’re reliant on our front three. It’s ridiculous really.


I would say we are more reliant on our Full backs and VVD than anyone.

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But he can catch something that most people have managed to avoid catching. :mask:

I don’t mean to nasty. I hope neither of them develop Covid-19. However, City being without Laporte for a while can only be a good thing.

I do agree, we are super reliant on our wing backs and on VVD to keep our defence consistent. However in terms of goals, because our midfield is not the scoring type, we often depend on goals from the front 3. The next best scorers for us is VVD and Ox usually. So they are saying we are reliant on the front 3 for goals, which is true, but thats not the only thing to our team is it?

Last season all our outfield players scored except Gomez that was before the covid stoppage, afterwards Williams and Jones played.

Thing is most teams are reliant on fewer players to score goals, how many times did De Bruyne and Aguero rescue City?

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