Manchester City* - cheating cunts

Ederson must be looking for his gloves eh…

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Love how one caps it to make it different.

Anyhow they probably do but it makes the game harder for them.

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And stealing a Beatles song to boot.

Typical though, Manchester always stealing from Liverpool. Beatles → Oasis, Liverpool Docks → Manc Shipping Canel. They really are just a shameless shithole provincial town

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Much as I despise the little fat hairy handed cunt, fair play to him for this.

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He’s right in terms of the importance of getting it resolved. He trivializes how much more complex and challenging the city case is though. The cases against Everton and Forest were fairly straight forward accounting reviews of the details of what was in their books. The case against City is based on what is NOT in their books. It is far closer to a criminal fraud trial than a basic FFP spending violation.


Plus they’ve systematically refused to cooperate with the investigations. They’re a revolting set-up from top to bottom. If they’re not stripped of everything they’ve ‘won’ top-flight football is meaningless.


This is my response whenever I see anyone suggesting that the league have have to get the City thing. City are essentially accused of fraud. It’s isn’t anywhere near the open and shut nature of the other cases.

I don’t understand anyone looking at the Premier League taking on a nation state with a track record of aggressive legal obfuscation, and telling they need to rush it.

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This is the type of under the radar stuff these cheating cunts will be getting investigated for.

Under the table payments to Halaands father and agent too.

I still think it’s a pipe dream that these cunts will get the punishment they deserve, but if they do it will be right up there with us winning the Screensport Super Cup


I’m sure Fraudiola is paid enough to afford his own one of those, so the fact that he’s wearing one isn’t necessarily dodgy.

By the way, only the nouveau riche wear Richard Mille. It’s a total chav brand.


Always the cynic

When someone asks him the time.

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I’ve rarely seen that many ugly watches in one single catalogue. :face_vomiting:


Definitely something a pretentious shitstain would opt for.


Or a rich Arab.

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