Manchester City* - vile, cheating oxygen thieves

Come on you Reds!

Liverpool are leading the push for the Premier League to resolve Manchester City’s financial fair play case. (Football Insider)


Yeah , sure.


Only last year, he said that he would quit if Man City had lied to him about their guilt. So why the change you deluded 2 faced hypocritical doping bastard?


He’s trying to square the circle that they will be found guilty but are not in fact guilty.

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Well why would they be relegated that far, though I assume they wouldn’t get parachute payments then again they make their money out of thin air.

I have a feeling they sell all those tickets to students but claim on them twice. Like buying them up at inflated rate and then sell them for a tenner to the Students.

Because every time I go to a Manchester University they are selling them.


So, how about these 152 or something charges, eh? Still nothing on the horizon…

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One more year. Doubt anything will happen.

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Balague says he’s convinced that Pep will leave City at the end of his current contract, so in the summer of 2025. Says how he speaks for hours with Zerbi and believes he could be the one who replaces him.

If that happens, I fully expect them to fall apart. After all, all of their success is down to their genius of a manager and nothing at all to do with their financial cheating.


They are not always perfect fits anyhow.

He would probably fit better here. But when Klopp goes there is only one guy I’d want here based on what he has done over 8 months. If that continues I’d do anything to get the guy.

But that is all post Klopp, ultimately I’d love to see Klopp extend once further.


Trial expected to BEGIN in a year? What a joke.

We know nothing of the process. 115 charges? The trial could take months itself. And then after that, what is the appeals process?

Man City will drag it on and on.

Guardiola will be long gone by the time the smackdown arrives, if indeed it does. And by then, he will have the separation from the club he needs, so he isn’t dragged into it.

Only we all know the score.

Nothing that Pep Guardiola has achieved at Man City has any merit. It is all via cheating. Or at best, it is on the back of significant cheating that built the club up, so even if there have been ‘clean’ seasons under Guardiola, it’s irrelevant.

Like all reds I long for them to get their deserved comeuppance. At the same time, it grates enormously that such good Liverpool sides, under one of the best managers we have ever had, are getting short changed because they coincide with that shower.


I’m not surprised, how long did Everton’s take that was one charge and I think I remember hearing about it at least a year and a half ago.

Going have to make it stick, after all we remember what happened with UEFA and they’ve claimed ever since they were innocent when in fact it was just due to time.

I am somewhat encouraged. In cases like this it is not the trial itself that is the hold up, but getting there. If they’ve set a date, even one as far out as this, it suggests two things to me

  • the big obstacles have been overcome
  • in doing so they have failed to encounter anything that gives them less confidence in getting a conviction on at least some of the charges

I’m still trying to come to terms that this is coming towards a hearing of sorts while Everton were just nailed for 10 points.

Why would you offer City an opportunity to defend themselves when they shunned, delayed and pissed about in providing information when it was requested? Nail them for some charges now and if there’s some worthy of a hearing so be it.


With Everton there weren’t any disputes over the facts or their guilt. Everton’s entire defense appears to be “yes we violated the rules, but we’re still shit so you shouldn’t punish us for it.” City are vehemently denying pretty much everything and so it’s a very different situation.

In most trials there are two phases, the trial and the sentencing. Someone who pleads guilty will typically still need to appear for sentencing.


Aye fair shout

Still some of the charges are for not cooperating I believe. No question of guilt or otherwise there. They were/ are

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I’d take any exclusive from Balague with a pinch of salt but I could actually see this one happening. I wouldn’t like it because I like De Zerbi so much, he’s the opposite of duplicitous, sarcastic cunt that Guardiola is, and his football is amazing, especially given the budget constraints.


I’ll never understand this kind of cynicism. If the PL wanted a quiet life they wouldn’t have thrown 115 charges at them we knew this would take a long time.

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Because you can’t just make up the process as you go along. Not with their fucking lawyers.

This has to be by the book.

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Just another 12 trophies on offer to them before they may get charged…

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