Naby KEITA: 2022/23

Its been said many a time before but its not Keita’s choice who gets in the Guinea squad it is the decision of their management


You’re associating the manager wanting to call him up with him actually going though, a bit premature don’t you think?

He’s their star player, of course the manager is going to talk about him.

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Again, it’s not up to Keita. If the NT calls he has to go. I don’t know, maybe he can approach CAF/FIFA, but I’m doubtful. Also, the players association FIFPro is being absolute spineless and cunt in such cases.


Good to see

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I thought his actual quote was “No, I don’t expect him to go on international duty” which I then took to mean that the final call was still down to Naby and/or the insistence from his NT
So much can be lost in translation either way eh…
Jurgen was either telling Naby his feelings about it, or he actually was stating that Naby will NOT be going.!

Yes the quote was he doesn’t expect him to go, Klopp nor the club can prevent him.

If the NT call him up and Naby wants to go, he’ll go.

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I’m not very clued up on this, but does he even get a choice in this matter? If the Guinea FA decide to play hardball over this, they could insist he flies to join the team where he will be evaluated by their own medical staff?

Maybe someone with a better idea on how this works can comment?

Yep, a national association is entitled to their own assessment of the player. If they say he’s fit to play there isn’t much the club can do.

You can thank Ferguson for that.

So basically, we don’t have a choice, nor does he, really. Yet people will jump on his back for that.

Is he spotted in the stands today?

Has he gone to NT duty?

Someone on TAW said they reckoned he will never play for us again which if true, suggests we will get rid in Jan.

Only if we have a replacement lined up. There must be other permanently injured players out there who could take his place.

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To be honest this could easily mean end of the season as well.

A statement from the Federation of Guinea Football (FSF) has explained that “due to his state of physical health,” Keita will not join Guinea for their clashes with Algeria and the Ivory Coast.


Surely the only we he plays for us again is if he can get fit (and bloody big if!), and we are well short in midfield (very possible). Personally, don’t care anymore.

See him as a “break glass in case of emergency” type situation - but he’s the glass - less than ideal.


Why would that be the case? We played Can every chance we got.

No one on TAW knows anything, they’re just giving opinions like all of us on here.

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