Naby KEITA: 2022/23


Well played today (thought him and Thiago were the only ones at the right level today). Was taken off probably just to manage his minutes. But I would say he has done enough right now to stay in the team for the next game (can’t look too far ahead at the moment with us). That pass towards Salah with the outside of his foot was Modricesque.


I know there are plenty of quality players that had careers ruined by injury, but Naby is right up there. I am going to say something controversial but Naby is probably the most complete midfielder we’ve had since Gerrard. Yes, ahead of Thiago…and Gini… :grimacing:

That talent obviously means nothing if the player can’t get on the pitch, and manages to always pick up an injury exactly when we need him most (Matip is the king there), but the fact he can be out for an extended time then not look out of place coming back in for limited minutes just demonstrates his quality. Yes, I have a thing for Naby.

I feel there may be a majority of fans on here that would prefer to strike through his name in the summer, move on and not be killed by the hope, which is certainly reasonable, but I really do hope the club offer him a sensible short term contract that is appearance and performance based and that he himself is reasonable enough to accept something that may be less than what he can get from another club (I can’t see both happening if I’m truly honest). I really think he can have a late career flourish even if his best years have probably been wiped out through injury, just as Joël has, even if CB is less demanding.


Nabby is one of those players who gets the better the more he doesnt play.

When on the bench we all cry out for Nabby, comes on and does OK.
We all want him to start…he starts…doesnt do much and when we are struggling, he hasnt got the power to be the man to step up and drag us through.
Apart from 1 pass on Sat he did nothing of note. At one point he couldve walked off and no one wouldve noticed a difference.
The trouble is most of our midfield are like that at the moment.

This isn’t true. Our record with Naby both offensively and defensively on the pitch is better than when he doesn’t play.


Based on what he could’ve been perhaps…based on what he’s showed absolutely not, basically ended up being a poorer mans Jack Wilshire for us with a similar injury record…just another Zenden/Kewell/Cheyrou/Aquilani type could’ve been great but will ultimately end up being an afterthought.

There’s a whole host of midfielders I’d have over Naby including Gini Hendo Can Xabi Didi and Murphy who delivered far more memorable moments in a red shirt.

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That poster ironically proved @GoneKloppo’s statement.

There are some who just can’t cope with their own emotions and therefore need to write a particular player off…

It also very much depends on whether you view football as a team game, or as a game where you just need one magic player.

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Nabbby ? :smile: I would love to see the Naby Keita play here like he done at previous club.

He literally has the highest win percentage out of all our midfielders.


Did RBL and RBS not happen? There was no ‘this guy is going to be a gun’ statement to be had. He showed he already is a gun. And please don’t apply the ‘in a reds shirt’ tag line just because it fits a player that has been perma-crocked. If you do, you can also apply the same tag line to Jude Bellingham or Caceido or whoever else we are chasing in the summer.

As @redfanman said, the evidence is there that the quality player remains. Even if he can’t stay fit. Those desperate in here to get him shipped off, I guess they think him moving out means we will target two mids instead of one? Not sure of their logic. I definitely feel that we will actually try to reduce our numbers in midfield next summer.

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Me too. We currently have (arguably) nine midfielders. If we’re sticking with the 433, we need six, maybe seven.

The problem isn’t the numbers. It’s the fact that the majority of our midfielders are players who have patchy injury records.

I think we will say goodbye to Naby, Milner and Ox, and possibly Fabinho, and do two top drawer midfielders to replace them.

Keita is leaving, the no,8 needs freeing up.

Is that an official statement?

From me? Yes.