Premier League 2024/25


You always manage to be first…

Much to his partner’s dissatisfaction.


Should I be a dick and open a pre match thread before the German?


Thing about @GermanRed is he doesn’t stop even after coming first. Lil’s tip for you CoG - your only pans type ladies love it.

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Half an hour to go.
The worrying thing is @ISMF hasn’t finished his messing with yhe site. Just over 2 months to go!


Lunch time kickoffs coming fast! :rage:


As long as they don’t give it to us after international breaks and Wednesday night games it’s fine.


Lovely treck out to Ipswich nice and early on a Sat for travelling fans. Driving/coaches the only real travel option unless you go via London on train. At least getting back will be okay, compared to an evening game there.

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Away at a newly promoted team isn’t the ideal start. Hopefully we can slot a few early and take the points.



The thing is… not even us, as fans have any idea what side we will be putting out :0)

Fixtures in full. Pretty good start for us.

The fixtures through Oct-Mid Dec will be a challenge, particularly with CL games in the period.


Saturday 5th, 3pm – Crystal Palace (A)

Saturday 19th, 3pm – Chelsea (H)

Saturday 26th, 3pm – Arsenal (A)


Saturday 2nd, 3pm – Brighton & Hove Albion (H)

Saturday 9th, 3pm – Aston Villa (H)

Saturday 23rd, 3pm – Southampton (A)

Saturday 30th, 3pm – Manchester City (H)


Wednesday 4th, 7.45pm – Newcastle United (A)

Saturday 7th, 3pm – Everton (A)

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For the fifth time in the last six seasons, Liverpool begin their Premier League season with a match against a newly promoted side (W3 D1 previously).

The Reds are unbeaten on the opening day of the campaign in their last 11 seasons, with eight wins and three draws, since losing 3-0 to West Brom in 2012-13 in Brendan Rodgers’s first game in charge.


Less than a 0.05% (ie less than 5 in 10,000 chance) that we would have so many newly promoted sides in our first fixture which has long been seen as one of the hardest times to play a newly promoted side. Once again I’m sure this is completely above board and there is nothing unusual going on…

Did you account for the top 4 clubs (it might be all teams in European competition even, not sure) being unable to face each other on the opening day?

People can laugh at the likes of Klopp losing his shit over the 12.30 starts (always away and after CL/international breaks) but what’s overlooked is the affect it has on the integrity of the whole competition.
Quite simply these absolute fucking cunts are putting one of the main contenders at a disadvantage. That’s not hyperbole, it stands to reason that if one side is constantly going into it’s matches with several of it’s players either physically drained or in some cases completely unable to play then all fairness/integrity goes out the window.
There is no doubt those clowns at TNT have deliberately given us the 12.30 start at Ipswich to boil piss and basically say “fuck you, nothing’s changed”.
PGMOL may as well come out and name the referee/VAR as well because that nonsense wont be changing either.
Interesting to see the Goodison derby is on the Saturday after we play Newcastle away on the Wednesday night. Naturally Everton play at home on the Tuesday thereby giving them an extra days rest. I wonder what time KO will be? I’m going to stick my head on the block and say 12.30.
Every time they do it we should avoid all media obligations after the game as a big Fuck You but of course we wont, the club have proved themselves to be spineless time and again.