Russian War Crimes (Part 2)

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Lends credence to the idea that Germany is “lagging behind” because lack of domestic support.


I think it depends on who you ask. There was a survey done (which I can’t immediately find - think it was YouGov) that showed very strong support for military support amongst Green supporters (second coalition party), moderate support from the FDP (coalition minor party - sort of free-market liberal) and evenly split support amongst the SPD (Social Democrats - Scholz’s party).

The CDU (centre-right, Merkel’s party) were moderately in favour and there was strong opposition from the Linke (left-wing / socialist) and almost universal opposition from the AfD (populist far-right).

Where you can see a split is that the Linke and AfD support base is mainly in the former East Germany. The SPD and CDU tend to have an older support base and the Greens and FDP a younger one.

I think Scholz is trying to balance having a strong coalition of support amongst NATO and the West whilst not wanting to alienate and lose support domestically. Remember that, for historical reasons, many of the NATO facilities are based in Germany.

I’ll try and find that survey - it does offer a bit of insight (although I don’t want to take the thread too off topic).


Why are the BBC reporting this. It is not news worthy and its only value is click-bating! There’s almost no perspective from which this article adds to news.

Admittedly, I fell for it and am highlighting it here but I cannot see value in beyond click-bate and giving Putin a platform.

Well he is correct, they are facing German tanks again.

He is just failing to mention that this time they are also facing a united Europe and Europe.

Your point emphasizes/reinforces my point. There’s no news here - maybe only miss-news. The inane title wrt what is going on.

The BBC , along with all major news organisations , are running this at the top of their coverage. It’s a major speech at a critical juncture of the war. The symbolism is a motif that Putin has exploited since the beginning of the conflict , and his returning to it again now , on a very important date in the Russian calendar , is hardly surprising , but it’s still newsworthy.

would love this reply

"The tanks you face are located in a sovereign nation to which you have no rights. Feel free to leave those lands, and the tanks will kindly escort you back to your Russian state. :wave: :ukraine: "

Seems like trying to partition their neighbours often doesn’t work out to plan…

The context for me is the juxta positioning of German tanks and this war and, without mentioning it, bringing to front and center the struggles that Germany had in coming to that decision. It is a direct attack on the “unity” of Europe - but it is framed otherwise…

For me there is a subtle undercurrent that aims to unsettle.


Norway today placed the long awaited order for future MBTs. 54 Leopard A7 with an option to buy 18 more. Not Ukraine related directly, but it may mean more of the A4s being available for Ukraine. Norway won’t get the first A7 before 2026 though. For Norway it is a large investment.

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You guys have a proper army Magnus, only 5.4m inhabitants.

We for instance with 17m+ inhabitants have not, we are leasing Leopard 2 tanks to ship them to the Ukraine :sunglasses:

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Honestly the Norwegian army is tiny. But we have some important capabilities. We need much greater volume and a pool of reserves for the future though. The old invasion defence was built down and severely depleted in the 90s. We used to have a reserve of hundreds of thousands, not so now.

But we have massive problems tbh. We have a navy where only 1 frigatte sails, the others are cannibalised or for training because of lack of funds and spare parts. In all honesty, we need 4 armoured batallions and we now just ordered equippment for 1. So while not as bad as many European countries, it’s still in a very sad state. Very sad indeed. But funds are getting more available now that the war is on, but there is so much to do since the army has been gutted for so long.

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Long range munitions for the HIMARS. :+1:

No, they need different launchers.