Russian War Crimes (Part 2)

From yesterday (14.05)
Also reported damage to 3-4 Ru fighter jets.

From tonight, because there has been a large follow up attack!
Results of latter, if any, very unknown.

I could post tons of videos of soldiers getting blown up, but it gets old and has little news value. But I will say this and post some as an example. Russian infantry losses in kharkiv are very significant and they have now even been forced to withdraw from points they captured yesterday.
Some examples:
Viewer discretion is here advised, these are of course what in English is called “graphic”. But serves as a reminder that any Ru advance comes at a very high cost:

Situation for Ukraine is critical, but at current, Kharkiv front has stabilised.


A bit of a side-point here, but where does that denomination ‘orc’ coming from? You can see it being used quite commonly in Ukrainian reports.

I know that Russians haven’t endeared themselves with the Ukrainians, and understand the anger, but I have some difficulty with this. It’s like when the Hutus called the Tutsis ‘cockroaches’, or some Israelis calling Palestinians a ‘cancer’ or ‘vermin’.

The goal was / is obviously to lead us to believe that the opposing soldiers and civilians aren’t human, and that is something I don’t like.

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I think it is pretty simple - with some of the utter brutality, rape, murder, mutilation and looting that common Russian soldiers have inflicted on Ukrainian civilians and prisoners of war, many Ukrainians have to come view Russians in a way reminiscent of Tolkien - the evil is not just from the top down, but engrained in most Russians. Sometimes it is easier to dehumanize than to confront the possibility of human evil.

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It’s easier indeed, but it’s not the right thing to do imo. We all have a dark side in ourselves, and it would be better to recognize it, before allowing others to dehumanize us (kill them, rape them, loot them, they aren’t human!). Otherwise, we’ll soon read as well about Ukrainian brutality, rape, murder, mutilation and looting…

Fingers crossed that it will never come to that, but this kind of language isn’t very encouraging.

It actually works very powerfully against two incompatible projects. Putin is laying a foundation for a Ukrainian hatred of Russians that will be far more powerful than the resentment borne of the Czars’ time, or the primacy of Russians in the USSR. His project of re-absorption cannot possibly succeed in the face of that. At the same time, there is a significant Russian minority in Ukraine, many of whom are no friends of Putin’s regime either. The more conflict splits on strictly ethnic lines, the less hope there is for that minority.

Of course, that probably plays into Putin’s current end game. You can see the trace outlines of the settlement he wishes to impose already. Take the Donbas and the majority Russian region around Kharkiv, force a peace, declare victory.


I strongly expect that is indeed how it will end…

and the largest NPP in Europe.

Russians call Ukrainians cockroaches, Ukrainians calls Russian soldiers Orcs since the invasion of Kyiv and the Bucha massacre. Its Lord of the Rings. But yes, its dehumanising, but consider that Nazi was often used and is used, in a dehumanising manner as well historically about German soldiers fighting for Hitler’s Reich. The world, and human beings, isn’t perfect.
Ideally, both sides would not fight at all but at least be chivalrous, but that’s not how it is and its not how it will be. The dehumanising terminology will fade with peace.

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Ideally Russia wants more than that so would be currently even unlikely to accept that. The conditions for settlement isnt there yet, both sides have too much at stake for that. But yes, I too think it will be akin to a Winter War 1939 “Peace” at the very end unless something changes radically (which is still quite possible).

Yesterday Blinken was saying that it was upto Ukraine if they wanted to use missiles to attack Russian troop build-ups in their own backyard. That strikes me as a significant shift in position. And on top we now have this which would suggest that the rules of the game are changing fast.


putting Russia onto the back foot with a bit of “preventative maintanance” on their own side of the border would be a big shift in this war.


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Maybe something nice, maybe a failed attack, we’ll see:

Anecdotes, so be cauttious of running with it. But there are some such anecdotes now:

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Well, the explosions at Novorossiysk naval base seem rather quite real :wink:

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