TAN PL Prediction League 23-24

For the coming season, thought I’d set up a prediction league on a proper site rather than try (and fail) to juggle things myself.

Usual sort of thing, predict the scores each round, at the end the person who got the most right wins.

League can be found here (registration is free and quick):

Site: https://www.superbru.com/

I don’t believe you need a password to enter the league, but if anyone has any difficulties let me know!


Done, thanks for doing this @ZinedineBiscan

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NP mate, saw your application come in just now and approved it. Second place guaranteed! :joy:

I’m in! :+1:t2:

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Now for the hardest part… actually remembering to do it each week :rofl:

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I’m currently in the top 6.

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I have the same problem. It would be great to be able to predict every game of the season now, and then change when you actually remember. Liverpool wins every game of the season, I just cant choose anything else out of pure devotion. Probably why I dont win any of these. Liverpool win every game. Man U, Ch, MC lose or draw whenever its possible, just enough to get them out of top 4…

Can’t I give predictions for all 38 weeks right now???

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ooo, you can, thanks. Round 1, 2, 3 …


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That’s the first thing I checked. Not sure if you can change the predictions though.

I think you can as long as you dont lock them in. I am up to round 6.

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Up to round 12, we are doing well.

I would have liked another thing, and that is to show the table as per my predictions. I dont see this option, anyone know of this capability?

I used to play fantasy baseball you had to do that every day, this is easy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Right, count me in, until Week 3 when I forget to enter my tips and then struggle to log in for the next 34 rounds :rofl:

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@Nobluff @ZinedineBiscan would you please confirm if I can change the predictions?

Yes you can.


Not sure what happens if you lock the pick (if you can change). I just keep all mine unlocked. As you can see I just changed the second prediction a few minutes ago. (Jul 27, 13:25)

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Think you can’t change predictions once you lock them, but can be done before.


Thanks NB and CCB :heart_eyes:

Answer to the most common ask (or rather dilemma): :laughing:

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Can there be an alert setup through the forum. To remember fans to make the pics.

Everyone who’s signed up for this. The list of members can be sent that alert as a message or something.