TAN's Fantasy Football League 23/24 season. GW2 deadline -18th Aug

As we have a new home, I thought it was only fitting that we also have a new fantasy football league set up for TAN members.

Link: https://fantasy.premierleague.com/

Code to join is: gxabdt

‘Gini Mini Mane Mo’ has joint, and only Bottlers United there for now… where’s the competition in that, John? :stuck_out_tongue:

Second place guaranteed!

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At least third…I joined. My first time doing this. How often can you do triple captain (points) stuff in season?

Can be used only once.


another question: can you leave the bench blank in order to have more expensive signings in the 11?

No, I’m 99% sure you need to fill all the positions in order to enter a team.


Yep, correct.

That’s the fun, you need to choose very few of those top bracket players and will have to gamble/ predict on the others.

You could actually just fill in with 4.5/ 4.0 buck players for the 4 bench positions and get a relatively better first team (an approach many follow) but then there are situations when players are injured/ not selected and bench comes in handy.

Actually ZB on a separate note, I had a game in mind, maybe next season we can think of it perhaps when we have larger community here. One needs to input below details before every game, deadline an hour before kickoff-

  1. Starting XI - 1 point for each correct guess
  2. First scorer - xx points
  3. Time of first goal in match - xx points for +/- 3 mins range
  4. Final result - xx point for H/ A score guessed.

That’s it, for 38 games. Simple and can use one of the official stat sites for data, sort of a predictor game. Maintaining and updating the score every week can be a challenge though, if the players are more in number.

There used to be a prediction league on TIA a few years back, but it sort of fizzled out due to lack of numbers.

It would definitely be worth a shot trying it on here though, although I’ll take myself out of the running to be the one to organise it :wink:

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Five players now, just bumping this to try to round up some more willing volunteers :slight_smile:

Ended up completely reworking my first draft team. Having to factor in four clubs not playing in GW1 is a bit of a drag, and means I’m going to end up blowing my wild card in GW2 to rework it all over again.

Pffft! I’m playing - you all have no chance! :relaxed:

Yep I have also changed a lot. And I will one more time on Saturday. Think a couple of those from 4 teams will be needed from GW 1 itself, can’t leave City players out.

Up to 8 players now, but more welcome.

Few more days to get your teams in!

Would be good if we know who are ones and which are their teams. TAN names are different than the team/ user names there…

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“Poetry in motion” is my team, just joined the league.


Poetry in motion - @kotsebotse
Armchair Critics FC - ??
Gimpsters Wizard - ??
idonemybest - ??
A’Live & Kicking - ??
NabyLad -??
Awful colours - @jgw_geneseo
Bottlers United - @ZinedineBiscan
Gini Mini Mane Mo - Colossal_CB

Another little bump for this.

9 of us now, which is great, but the more the merrier!

Just a couple more days to get your teams in before it kicks off.

Transfer Window Kings

Someone has to finish 8th, right?