The Case For The Defence

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There’s a lot of good stuff…and some rubbish, too. I would provide a detailed response, but I’ve been down the pub all day.

Besides: real Goths don’t need to justify.

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Only if your pub’s DJ is playing The Sisters of Mercy tonight!


And per WhoScored, as a whole the Reds have been dribbled past more times (413) than any other team across Europe’s top five leagues this campaign.

Jusr read this and thought I would put it in here.

I have mentioned in many threads that our players over commit then get beaten easily and for me it is a stat that needs to change, we have to learn how to slow down a team in transition and that isn’t by fouling, and also be aware what happens as an individual if we get dribbled past.

I think this is down to coaching as it happens to all our midfielders and also some of our defenders. Pressing isn’t the only way to win possession.

Hopefully our new coach changes this aspect of our game without killing the intensity.


Only the 413 times? Can’t recall 1.

Real pubs don’t have disc jockeys.

Sorry, but Baijetic is not a game-changer, and what we need right now is a game-changing defensive midfielder like Fabinho 5 years ago, with Endo and/or Baijetic being back-ups.

Short term memory loss must be debilitating.
It literally happened 2 days ago

Won’t ever know how good Bajcetic can become if we don’t play him enough.

I wouldn’t mind another DM though.

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Fabinho type player isn’t what we need, we need a player that can combine the defensive duties with being able to progress the ball.

We need a DM and CB, but the biggest change in defence is going to come (or not) from how AS sets us up. We need big changes here, be less open and more compact. My thoughts about our PL winning year was that for much of the season we were impervious, but we also were quite ‘boring’… For a JK team.

I want to see more of that side of us. The ease with which we conceded throughout this season, and particularly how early in the match, was quite monotonous. That needs to change.