The Eredivisie Thread


There isn’t a Belgian football thread so putting it here - what has happened at Bruges? I only found out yesterday that their manager is Scott Parker, who was appointed at the end of last year after the manager who got them into the KO round of the CL for the first time ever was let go.

12pts from 10 and a complete spanking from Benfica.

There form over 15 games is 18pts and yet shoots up before that.

Seems he carried on his Bournemouth form.

Yeah, he’s done poorly. My question was more how do you fire a manager after that navigating the group stage in the CL like that. You’d think he’d be given the keys to the city rather than fired before he can play their first even KO game.

Looks like results were poor domestically, 12 points behind Genk and eliminated from the cup. But yeah, it’s a strange decision. He’d played for the club, then worked in their youth set-up, then assistant, so you’d think he’d have received some grace, only being in the job six months.
Plus they were in a group with Porto, Atleti and Leverkusen. It’s not as if he lucked out of a weak group.

Oh you mean the previous guy, I don’t know. Meanwhile Parker seems just completely the wrong choice, you’ve got to sometimes just cut that.

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The Netherlands and Belgium may been called the lowlands but I can assure you we are absolutely not the same.

Belgiums are much nicer people … :sunglasses:

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Maybe next season we can have a shit leagues no one watches and can only access via Mola thread.

Scottish football can go in there.

Santi Giménez has scored six in his last seven.

I hope he stays in Rotterdam a couple more years, but he’d be ideal for Lopetegui.

Fantastic battle for top places in the Eredivisie.

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Fun game. Feyenoord six clear with the easier run in.