The Fifty Year Club

This thread is making me misty eyed! A common trait among us old farts :wink:

Keegan often gets forgotten when people reminisce about players of the past, but he was a god to me in the mid seventies. Had pictures of him torn out of Shoot magazine all over my bedroom wall. His departure was heartbreaking, although, of course we all know now that it was a masterstroke.
Remember seeing him live and what stood out those days was the sheer energy. He was buzzing about all over the place with an intensity that no one else had at that time.


The 71 Cup Final was what made me a Red as well. I’ve told this story before but here goes. There was a huge ‘hype’/build up to the game with Arsenal on the cusp of being only the 3rd? team in history to win the double. Cup Final day back tyen was massive with telly coverage starting at breakfast. In the lead up to the game Valerie Singleton did a “here’s one I made earlier” segment on Blue Peter. It was how to make an Arenal or Liverpool kit for a teddy bear. My Everton supporting Sister made a kit for Charlie my bear so I became a Red. Sat and watched all the build up on the day with spots such as ‘It’s a Cup Final knockout’ and bios of each team’s players etc. One of the papers had a song sheet as the centre spread with songs from both sides. I can still remember one of ours to the tune of the Battle hymn of the Republic. With the chorus being “Clemence, Lawler, Lloyd and Lyndsay. Heighway, Hughes and little Cally. Smithy, Hall and Alun Evans and Big John Toshack will be there”.
There was an Arsenal one that stuck in my head, written by none other than Jimmy Hill to the tune of ‘Anchors away’.
"Send Arsenal down the field, for one more goal.
No other team can fight, harder than the boys in red and white.
Never let their glory fade, long may it hold.
So sing out the gunners, up the gunners, up the gunners, goal. :joy:

The Arse as everyone no doubt recalls had the last laugh though. I was absolutely gutted to have lost, but my love for LFC had started. I went to my first game the next season against West Ham. My 11 year old self and my 10 year old nephew caught the ferry over and walked up to ghe ground from the Pier Head. We went in the Boys’ Pen. We only ever went in there for that one game. Deciding that it’d make more sense to be in the middle of 12,000 swaying, mostly drunk adults than with the scallies in the pen. I don’t need to tell anyone here on TAN about the highs and lows that I’ve had over the years. I’ve been blessed to be a Red. Saturday at Wembley was fantastic for me. Being there with Mrs C, one of our Lads and one of our Grandsons. To cap it all, my two nephews (who I go to the game with) were there. :nerd_face:


Soon, very soon.
You’re only a few months later than me.
I was around end '73/early’74. The sands of time sure is murky though certain events remain crystal clear.

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