The Great TANtatsic Pub Quiz



Le Cockfosters.

Have a feeling this might run and run…

I know the answer, but thought I’d let others try first.


As Abba sang …

At Waterloo, Napoleon did surrender

So no.

PS It was actually 6 weeks later but don’t spoil it.

@aussielad has given me the correct answer.

Its Temple…:slightly_smiling_face:

Berk (shire hunt) is used to describe a person, whereas Beaver (Belvoir) is anatomical.

I hope that helps.

So as I said to @Rambler this was bugging me all arvo, so I did cheat and look it up.

I’ll give up my question, so if Rambler doesn’t have another he can pick someone to go

In the meantime - What connects Ry Cooder (US musician) with Shah Jahan (Mughal Emperor) and a daily solar event?

Both of their funerals consisted of being fired by a cannon into the sun?

Great try, but Ry is still with us.

Sunrise? :sunglasses:

Right direction Commie :+1:t4::slightly_smiling_face:

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Bloody hell! Five days and no ideas?

Think collaborators in the early part of Ry’s career…

I got the link between the first two but had to look up the connection to a solar event.

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Henry StClaire Fredericks Jnr aka Taj Mahal
was in a band with Ry Cooder called The Rising Sons.
Cynical winner by default.

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Police E-Fit of a robbery suspect - Starter for ten… Name the lookalike England Captain :laughing: