The Manchester United Thread (Part 2)

Im sure Southampton fans have been asking the same thing all season

They are all on the goal line. They’re taking the “low block” tactic to heart.

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Oil Toilet - they’re making sure new perspective owners can see how much work the shithole needs.

Thing is I don’t think he did anything wrong.

Not sure why he sent off Silva but William was a sending off and a penalty and Mitrovic was also.

No fan of Kavangh but until I turned it off after the penalty it didn’t strike me as someone trying to give Man Utd the game in fact I commented that they were bleating at every decision even the one that deflected off Rashford’s back.

Fulham have only themselves to blame, it’s an obvious hand ball (not one he really needed to do mind), Silva is professional enough and Mitrovic knows you can’t do what he did. Plus the defending in the lead up to that reminded me of some of our lowlights at 1-0 away it was a bit odd as Man Utd really hadn’t created a thing since half time.

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Silva went nuts on the sideline, screaming abuse at the officials.

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Yeah I sort of saw the end of it, Fulham messed that up, at the end of the day more professionalism and they could have held on with 10 but losing a manager and their striker up top they had no chance.

As I said if that had been Liverpool I would have been angry at us for doing that.

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Kavanagh will be abusing himself right now in almost total disbelief at the opportunity he was given to brandish 3 red cards in as many minutes to Manchester United’s opponents this afternoon.
And that is the point many will be missing. You can argue all fucking day about whether those red cards were correct under the letter of the law but what will go under the radar is the fact this blatant fucking cheat is allowed to referee/VAR games involving either of the Manchester clubs.

Just as a matter of interest does anyone know where this cunt was between October last year and a couple of weeks ago?


Not locked in your cellar then Jaffod? :rofl:

I don’t think he did either.

Quick question though. Willian was sent off for the goal line handball.

Didn’t look that different to the one for our pen against Bournemouth.

Why didn’t we get a sending off?

It was very different. Willian went back on the line to intentionally block the ball with his arm…the Bournemouth defender jumped with his arm outstretched and it hit his arm. Willian cheated…The Bournemouth player didn’t.

James cheated in the 1-1 at Anfield, he moved his arm towards the ball to block it on the line…which is why he got sent off.


All we keep hearing from commentators and pundits is this un-natural position bollocks when referring to handballs.
Willians arm looked quite close to his body

They were but that’s not the only factor for penalising someone is it?

Being opponents of Man Utd is the major one.


Ok but taking Utd out the picture for a minute and just focus on the incident itself…his body is already well positioned to block the ball going in anyway, he didn’t really need to flick his arm in a position to make himself bigger, hence cheating.


But he moved it into the path of the ball (while keeping it close to his body), so ‘unnatural position’ is moot anyway. Deliberate movement ends the conversation.


Willian was deserved.

Silva was stupid, and needed to keep his calm. Probably deserved, but a talking to may have sufficed.

Mitrovic was deserved, not just for handling the ref, but also for aggressively getting in his face and making him back away. I remember the ref who fell on his arse, years ago, when Di Canio got in his face and pushed him.

Now, there is an argument to be said that Bruno Fernandes got away with handling an official when we thrashed them a couple of weeks ago. He didn’t go quite as far as Mitrovic, but consistency in how these things are handled is lacking.

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Yup, he probably doesn’t have to do it but for some reason he chooses to do it.

His reaction to being sent off suggests as much. The oddest thing is that Kav doesn’t actually give it on the field. Can understand a VAR check for a red card but even I thought it was hand ball on the TV.

Willian appears to have known exactly what he was doing, and was selling the impact on his torso almost immediately. The ref’s position would have made it quite difficult to tell precisely where it hit Willian, from his vantage the impact was partly screened by Willian’s body.