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Could be a US/UK thing then.

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Nasser hospital ‘no longer able to function’, health officials say

Nasser hospital in Khan Younis is “no longer able to function” as doctors are “overwhelmed with large number of casualties”, Nasser hospital health officials said on Saturday, according to Reuters.

Health officials at Nasser medical complex, previously the biggest functioning hospital in Gaza, said that doctors could not provide medical healthcare to the large number of casualties because of the intensity of Israel’s military offensive and acute shortages in medical supplies.

Earlier, the Gaza health ministry said that Nasser hospital had received 20 bodies and 90 injured people as a result of an Israeli attack in Khan Younis. Reuters reports that the ministry didn’t give a final figure of victims moved to other medical facilities.

Gaza’s health ministry said that at least 71 Palestinians were killed and another 289 others were injured after an attack in Khan Younis on Saturday hit a camp for war displaced in southern Gaza.


Israel want to get rid of Hamas? So, why don’t they support people like this one?

Answers on a postcard please. But I think we all know the answer by now.

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The other side of the coin.

Shows if anything , that the top ;evel Hamas Leaders should be arrested and tried for crimes against humanity (along with Israel’s leadership)

I don’t think that anyone would dispute your statement, bar the Hamas leaders themselves / those who protect them, and on the other side, the members of the current Israeli government / those who protect them.


Deir Al-Balah municipality says it can no longer provide 700,000 people in area with drinking water

In Deir Al-Balah, in the central Gaza Strip, where Israel hasn’t yet invaded and hundreds of thousands of people have taken refuge, the municipality issued an urgent statement saying it was no longer able to provide 700,000 people in the area with drinking water after running out of fuel.

The statement said:

We urge citizens to preserve what is left in their private tankers and we stress the need to maintain the spirit of cooperation and sharing.

Aid agencies have warned that the lack of clean water and flows of untreated sewage pose a serious threat to health for Palestinians in Gaza.

When Israel cut off fuel to Gaza after 7 October, the resulting power cuts meant wastewater could not be pumped to treatment plants, leading to 100,000 cubic metres of sewage a day spewing into the sea, according to the UN Environment Programme.

A BBC Verify investigation found in May that hundreds of water and sanitation facilities in the devastated enclave had been damaged or destroyed since October.


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I wouldn’t hold much stock in a rambling old man who thinks he’s still fit enough for presidency.

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