Those jammy fuckers down the M62

I like Rice, guy seems a top bloke, totally unsuitable for them.

But isn’t this the usual Man Utd tell you who they will sign only for them not to sign them.

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Normally its because its players they dont much of a chance of signing. I could see each of those 3 players responding very positively to their agent telling them that Utd, especially this seemingly stabilized version of Utd, want them.

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Each to there own.

I often think it’s a brag to the fans. I can see them signing two mind.

Fixed for accuracy

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Manchester United 4-1 Chelsea: We belong in Champions League, says Erik ten Hag - BBC Sport

Belongs in the group stages maybe…

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Kane and Fernandes in the same Man Utd team!

Anyone know the record for the most penalties won by a team in a single season?


Think it was Utd in Bruno’s first season. Didn’t they have about 18 pens or something ridiculous?


Until next season when they don’t make it again.

They lost to Sevilla a club in 10th in Spain so how do they “belong” anywhere.

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So that’s what’s more important to you. Not your own achievements


Can’t blame him, been there many times. There were times when my Liverpool season counted as successful if Man City or Chelsea pipped them to the title or when Barcelona prevented them from winning CL twice.

It’s a bit sad though.


It’s the Man U thread.

It’s all desperately sad.


I think he trying to keep the fans onboard brand Fernando - because Ten Hag will be taking the captaincy away from him next season

I remember reading an article at the time talking about RVP’s injury record, as well. The signing was deemed risky on that basis. For me excellent signing because they won that last PL title primarily because of his goals. Yeah, the following seasons were meh, but United has discovered those PL trophies can become fewer and farther between. Every one is precious, and they do not win it without him.

As for Kane. The problem with players his age is you never know when the legs will go and how fast they will go. Kane is more a position player than a speed player. He could have another three or four years left in him. You just don’t know for sure. The only thing for sure is he is closer to his decline than he is to his peak.


‘For us, it’s not about getting the best we can ourselves’
What does that mean?


Give me a choice between us winning a quadruple or United being relegated and I’d have to give it some thought. Hate hate HATE them.

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I wouldn’t.


I know! Madness!

At least summer will have the interest of watching the depth to which Maguires value plummets.

Could almost be a sweep.

I’m not interested because Utd have the cash for it not to matter. I’m just hoping whoever they sign is equally bad for them.