Those jammy fuckers down the M62

In the most surprising managerial link that absolutely no one saw coming this summer…


It seems Tuchel turned them down.


Dortmund do love throwing players on a pile lately, their first team squad is really big, perhaps even too big. Great CL campaign, but only 5th in the league.

I’ve lost count who does what there in terms of a bunch of those players who are something between wingers and strikers and also young.

Adeyemi, Malen, Moukoko, now maybe Greenwood? Do they really need him or simply view him as a great opportunity with a high ceiling?

Oh shit, I’m in the United thread. Don’t even know which thread it is with those thread names.


Stupid question - have United actually fired ETH yet? Or are they just letting everyone assume they have or will while the interview potential replacement and let him twist in the wind for weeks or months?

You know, so if they decide to keep him because they can’t convince a nosferatu to take the job he will have 0 credibility for backing and 0 chance of controlling an already apparently disfunction dressing room?

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They are doing the thing of showing no confidence in him, but don’t have their shit together to fire him yet and instead will wait until the second week of September to do it after losing their third game


ManU putting out their number to sell Sancho (£40M), which is surprisingly realistic. It will be interesting to see how ruthless he is, I very much doubt he feels like he owes ManU anything.

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40 is a good price. But Sancho’s wage contract will make it a struggle for most to buy.

That I did not see coming.


Best news I’ve heard coming out of the toilet bowl in years. I say give him a contract for life


So we basically told everyone we will sack him, talked to several managers and no one wanted it so we will extend his contract.

I’m glad they haven’t changed much.


While they have made some seemingly decent personnel moves, their actual strategy, especially as it related to the football bit, has seemed incoherent. Southgate might be a reasonable fit for some clubs in the structure they have claimed they want, but not a club the size of Utd. And if that is what you want, why are you interviewing the likes of De Zerbi and Tuchel who makes waves in those hierarchical structures.

They have made this choice because they have no other clear path forward…its the choice of not having to make a choice. He’ll be out by the end of September though


If Ratcliffe wants full control eventually from the Glazers; which I think he does; might be a good thing for him to keep the manager in charge that will NEVER win them the league…
This way, the crowd will still be baying for blood every home game and giving the Glazers shit all the time… Some bright spark from their fanbase will eventually have a lightbulb moment and cry out this fact - meantime, Ratcliffe keeps pontificating about the place like he is the new messiah, and our Arne has 12months to bed into the job at our end :0)
Eric Tan Blag is a shite manager - keep him there as long as is possible I say


The squad must be delighted. Onwards and upwards.


Probably is at some point he will also get blamed.


As thrilled as I am that ETH is staying there, a part of me wishes that, after they’d just spent the best part of a month sounding out replacements only to find nobody wanted the job, he’d told them to go fuck themselves.


Well he is getting a new contract out of it.


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Yeah, it was an easy way out for them. I don’t think they’ll sack him soon for multiple reasons: they’ve shown they can win cups under him, they can go on extended runs of form (i.e. fluking their wins when their opponents fail to use their chances against them or when referees turn a blind eye to their misconducts or when their certain players show moments of inspiration). Even if the results somehow don’t go their way, the longer he’s there, the longer will Ratcliffe have to plan for his successor, Ashworth will also be closer to moving there etc. But, to be honest, even though he’s won trophies with them, I’d rather see him there than Tuchel, Zidane or Pochettino.

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Just spoke to Mubbsy and he’s doing cartwheels.


Top work Mubbseh!

I am glad ETH stayed as he is not elite. He will win minor trophies, as he has some good players, and from time to time a tune will be found.

But as for building it up into a title challenging machine, and doing that regularly - which is where they want to be, no chance under ETH.

As a coach he is not elite. And as a man manager he is poor. He throws them under the bus all the time. I just don’t see the cohesion needed to trouble the top.

There will be some expensive players who will want out, and it will cost them a fortune because they are overpaid. In a sense that will give them some hope that he is sorting it out. And they may take steps forward, in fact they have to, if ETH is to stay. But it won’t be enough.

In a way it is the perfect scenario. A manager who might give them some hope, but ultimately he is not up to it. So it is a long slow burn. Two years in and now an extension.

Sir Jimbo has the headache of all this, and the headache of a dilapidated stadium, but he doesn’t have real power.

The real power, and money, stays with those clowns in FL. Long may it continue.

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