UEFA Champions League

also a Roma fan who attacked Sean Cox, lest we forget that incident.


that’s Florence (Firenze). such a beautiful place. take the train (via Milan, if you route from Zurich then you can see Lake Como), you can walk the entire urban area into the city center in a few days as it’s quite small but so much to see. from the Medici Chapel to the Piazza di Michelangelo to the Duomo, absolutely stunning.

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I hope you didn’t look on a work computer.

Real v Chelsea
Inter v Benfica
City v Bayern
Milan v Napoli

Milan/Napoli v Inter/Benfica

Real/Chelsea v City/Bayern



Napoli could sneak through the final without even seeing them against a top proven side in Europe.

A struggling Liverpool in the group, Eintracht and then either Italian clubs or Benfica before the final.

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Love them to go all the way though, league and CL double for them would be a remarkable achievement.

Is it really that dissimilar to our run to the final last year with Inter Benfica & Villarreal?


So would I. I’ve got them at 40-1.

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Love that. Bet Pep’s happy.

Fail Oh No GIF by BT Sport

Pep, how many more games do you have in the Champions League?

Angry Manchester City GIF by DAZN

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I have no doubt that City will make the semi final.

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I went to a wedding in Naples a few years ago, Aussie/Italian friend married a local bloke.

Lots of his female relatives were there alone, their partners were ‘away’…in gaol. One of the craziest, funnest weddings I’ve ever been to, shame we had a fecking baby at the time!!

Naples is great, I love it, but the Italian idyll it most definitely is not!!


To be fair I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

I doubt Chelsea will mind.

A Cancelo winner in the last minute of extra time will do.


I think Bayern will beat Man City. Hope so.

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Frankfurt and Atlanta have some sort of weird bond.

When Everton hosted Atlanta 5 or 6 years ago loads of Germans came over to Liverpool with the Italians to fight.

They ended up in concert square in Liverpool having a massive brawl with loads of bouncers. A handful of Germans were arrested.

And as for Napoli, I’m sure our fans have had plenty of trouble when visiting Naples.

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Definitely a Roma thing, I’ve always heard of '77 and '84 (in particular) being the times our fans were getting stabbed by Italian fans, both finals being in Rome of course with 84 being against Roma.