UEFA Champions League

Flabbergasted Ifti…

I was thinking what to watch and I’ve gone with the Championship.

Have zero interest in this, might tune in to laugh at Man Utd tomorrow.

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Watching Mbappe v BVB.

But why not tune into Celtic and get back to back laughs?

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They don’t bother me much. I don’t care about them. Being Scottish football it’s a laugh in itself

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Stengs puts Feyenoord a goal up with a nice free-kick.

Red Star up against City.

Fucking embarrassing that from the Red Star keeper

Celtic down to 9.

Should make for a fine addition to Rodgers’ press conference ouevre

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Goalie scores for Lazio, what a celebration :rofl:

Still not a patch on Alisson.

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Newcastle fan stabbed infront of his son by a group of balaclava wearing Milan fans. Scum. Seems to be the Italian way

Just saw the stats for the Newcastle Milan match.

Howe will be getting beheaded in the morning.

Beheaddie Howe.



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I didn’t watch any of the CL footy. I won’t quite say it is dead to me, but I doubt I will watch a game until the quarters or whatever. In the meantime I will hope that all English teams do poorly, and all sports washers do likewise.

I can’t help but think it will be another Man City trophy at the end of it all, but I hope I am dead wrong.


He lacks the mentality needed to be a top player

Nah, he’s shite.

I’m not even following this tournament this season.

No Liverpool = not interested.


Plenty of decent clubs which are not following the sportswashing agenda and whose squads, incidentally, cost a fraction of our squad.

Shout out to Young Boys. They made a public statement saying that it’s great being back in the CL, but just shit that they have to be a in group containing

City - Sports washing for a totalitarian state
RB - A branding exercise for a corporation
Red Star - Enablers of Putin’s war on Ukraine

They may possibly lose every game, but I hope people see them for the champions they are regardless.


Come on Berlin

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